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Monday, December 7, 2009

*This Isn't Working

If you hadn't already noticed or just forgot about this and this post.. Ya Me too...

 I'm so not on board and honestly I've been in a drag of not blogging or maybe I just don't have much to blog about because I'm so dang busy.. you wanna know how busy- My freakin floor has not been mopped in 3 weeks.. THAT is disgusting.. Eww.. luckily T walks now and doesn't spend much time on the floor as he used to.. But anyway - back to this weight thing..
So I have been thinking about this- How do I hold my self accountable?? What do I need to do to make sure I accomplish this?.. Apparently blogging about it - is not doing me justice.. So I have come up with this.and I hope this will help me..  If you look to the side bar I have put up a new tab and I will display weight Loss/Gained - and how many times I have gone to the Gym by week and total ( I will start the weeks over and put the total at the bottom) Did that make sense?... I am hoping this will serve as a reminder to get the damn thing DONE already.. I have 5 months to rock this out and be able to rock out in my Lil Tankini.. My Other Idea to fight this weight  - I am going to go buy a bathing suit that I really like and hang it up in my vanity area- so that to serves as a reminder to not eat that cookie or to not fill my plate with so much Yummy Christmas food and desserts- no matter how much they talk to me and tell me how good they are - I will look at that bathing suit - as I once looked to my Wedding Dress to set that reminder!!

This has got to work-  for my own self.. It has to work and I need to make it work!!!

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