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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I have a few Tasks at hand..

1st - I need to find an UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATER for a Christmas Party we are going to.. I'm pretty excited - I have never done an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party before .. I'm ready to find something good. and that goes for The hubs, Myself and even T.. :0)  hahah

2nd: I need to find that Bathing suit I am looking for - ya know the PERFECT one. Kinda like when I went shopping for my Wedding dress, it needs to be the ONE!! 

3rd. We got our Christmas Tree tonight - it was so effin cold out that John and I basically made a run for the lot with T in hand and picked the best looking tree we could find with out really looking, although it wasn't the BEST its still very pretty and it smells AWESOME.. So we will be decorating it tomorrow. The theme this year is Black and Gold with a Damask Ribbon I got.   After Christmas I go shopping for all the stuff thats on sale, and I decide which color theme I wanna do while shopping and go to town buying what I need.. its cheap, fun and we get a new theme each year.. :0)  I will take pics once its done.

4th.. My Little (big boy) who people seem to think is 2- 2 1/2 years old will be 17 Months old tomorrow. HOLY crapola.. People. I'm in shock right now.. Last year at this time he was a measely 5 Months old.. :(  He's growing up way to quickly for my own good. I love every moment but slooowww  down.. I'm not going to do a 17 months post on it though, I will wait until the 18 month mark- when he goes in for his well check. I think the pedia is gonna be pissed I held off on his 15 month shots. Yep I didn't vaccinate- never thought I would be that parent - but after much research, talks, more research and long drawn out discussions with the other parental unit - John and I came to the agreement to delay his vaccinations. :0)  We also agreed with the next child they will be delayed as well (earlier than that even). I definitely found out  more than what I was looking for when it came to vaccines.

5th- I have some shopping still to do,, I still need to get my Mom, 3 of my nephews and 1 niece.. I also need to finish John- thats small stuff- no biggie. John's Family adopted a family this year - so instead of giving gifts between us all (which costs a fortune) we decided to adopt a family of 5 and buy for them by splitting it up. So that was nice, J and I need to buy for a 12 year old so I will be going shopping this weekend for sure.. Oi,, I dont really want to - I used to not care but, now with T its just a pain to have to lug him around. I know he gets bored and antsy..So we will see what happens. J has to work this weekend, other wise he would be watching him

6th- We are going to get our Family Christmas pics done on Sunday- a little late-  Like I said I've been a slacker lately.. :(     On Sat, we are going to the Parade of Boat lights in downtown Tempe. Should be fun, (freezing), cold,  freezing, but hey its all for T.. the weekend after we are going to Zoo lights with my Sister.. Again should be freezing fun. 

So those are the tasks at hand.. this doesn't really need a number but I need to get workin on my goals..


Katie said...

Sears had some FANTASTIC ugly Christmas sweaters. I never did find an ugly Christmas sweater for Jason, but they had Christmas Sweaters for men at JCPennys. I'm told they also have ridiculous men's Christmas t shirts at Wal Mart. Have fun searching!

PeasOut said...

I tagged you for an award! Check out my blog!