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Monday, July 2, 2012


Now that was a long time to be away..    I feel so bad that I have not kept up with Micah's stats like I had with T's.  Let me tell ya though.. Working full time, having two kids, three dogs, a house and school to do. Leaves ZERO time to do much of anything else.  

I will be back with some more updates.

Micah's will have a 9, 10 and 11 month update  =)
I will have both Boy's birthday party stuff updated (Super hero themed)
Whats been going on in our house of crazyness.

Just wanted to peek my head in.  Make sure my blog was still up an running. 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Updates and Shizzz..


I have updates, I have a lot of them.. Time though... NONE, Zero, Zilch, Nada.   Not this week or next -well maybe next, after Tuesday anyway.
but  I will say this:
I AM ALMOST DONE with my Flipping Chemistry Class and I'm hoping and praying that I pass, even by a hair.  I want and need to pass!!  My final is on Tuesday. I'm a nervous wreck. I took my last test on this Tues and I find out today what I HAVE to get on the Final to pass by that very thin hairline. =/

**I'm planning a pretty big Birthday bash for my two favorite little boys!  I'm pretty excited about it. I'm alittle overwhelmed, but I'm sure thats because school is taking up most if not all of my time

**We got our Family pics back and what was supposed to be Micah's 6 month pics turned 8-9 month pics done. I'm super excited about them.

** Micah's 9 month info which - he doesn't turn that till the 7th so I'm going to savor the fact that I still have an 8 month old, who thinks he's a toddler gone rampid

**We finished some other things around the house.  Like our landscaping in the front, Looks AAAMMAZING if I don't say so myself.  We got new paint colors in the family room and ripped up all the old baseboard and put new NICER stuff in.  

**T is going to be FOUR!!!!  How? When? Why?    He plays Tball, He talks like a real person and even has an attitude that I never expected to come out of such a small person.  He also says some of the funniest shit I've heard, puts comedians to shame that's for sure. He also does some silly things.  That kid has spunk and I'm glad he's ALL mine.    That also means I've had this blog for almost four years!   WOW!!

Friday, April 13, 2012

8 Months Old

I'm a little behind-
Oiii,  I'm not sure I like this whole growing up thing!!  Its going by way to fast and it seems faster now that I have two, just not fair!
I will say though, Micah is oodles of fun, he makes me laugh and astounds me in ways I never thought possible!  Its amazing the things this kid can do. He's my little stunt devil, has no fear!   He pretty much started crawling at 5 months (army crawling), full on crawling by 7 months and pulling himself up to standing position. Now at 8 months.  EIGHT MONTHS he is cruising the couches and everything he can get good leverage on to walk around!  SOOOO in trouble with this one!   He's into everything, all drawers, all cabinets, all toys, his and T's.   I can no longer leave T in the bath by himself because M makes his way into the bathroom and stands at the side and trys to lift one leg up and over and with the heaviness of his head I can only imagine that he would be flipping right in within a few seconds!  Yep, not happening. So I have to baby gate it every where he is not allowed to be, and he gets PISSED!!  I mean MAD!!!!   Lord help me!  The temper on this dude is beyond me!  He wants what he wants and NOW!!   He has such a great personality although very shy around new people. Even people he's seen before like my Mom or his Grandpa he freaks out!  He's a big Mommas boy for sure!  I thought T was, but I'm thinking he's more of Daddy's boy.
He's still babbling, says Maamma maama, Dadda dadda, babba, and bubbba..  We've been working on all done, so big and  clapping. He finds it funny when we clap and try to show him.
He absolutely adores his brother. He loves to be near him all the time, even though poor T just wants his space sometimes. M is always in his room, wants what T has, loves night time because we pile into T's bed and read a story or just lay there and talk or have tickle sessions. 
Micah loves to snuggle and has a preference of blankets, pretty funny. I just noticed this habit.  He has to have a blanket to snuggle his face into and it has to be one of the very puffy, soft blankets. I think its a texture thing. When he wakes in the morning he has to take it with him into our bed while he gets his first bottle, he rubs his feet back and forth on it.   He's got 4 teeth, 2 on the bottom, and two big things still coming in up top, also the two on the sides are coming right behind. I thought they were all coming in at the same time, but it looks like just the first two.  He's still eating purees, but I've also started introducing more solid food pieces. Stuff we eat at night, little bits of chicken, or steak, potato's, grapes, cucumbers,- not a ton makes it into his mouth but he sure tries.  I love this stage of babyhood, but it sure goes fast and I'm definitely going to miss this stage of his life.  Next up is 9 Months and his well check. 

Friday, April 6, 2012

Lots of happenings

Wow, March was here and then it was gone.. Just like that.. Now its April- can this year go any faster? I mean its not like I just didn't get done putting away my xmas stuff to have to take back down in 9 months.  Good lord!
Anyhow...   March has been an insanely crazy busy month.  T started Tball, I'm still is school, Micah is out of control - crawling, cruising the couches, he'll be 8 months on the 7th!  Every weekend we have something going on, every day during the week we have something going on, I started back at boot camp, which I love, but I am however allergic to working out!  True story!  It's ridiculous but I refuse to stop, I love it and I can tell that my endurance in the last 3 weeks of going is slowly gaining!! 
All this stuff going on has made our schedules less than ideal and I'm really not liking it!  It is what it is for right now! 
My plan is to take the summer off and be with my kids, I'm thinking of working from home 2 days a week to be with them and just slow down some with them. I feel like I've missed a ton of M's milestones, T's milestones.  It sucks!

School sucks- I freaking hate it!  I hate Chemistry!  I was so looking forward to getting back to school and being in that atmosphere, but this class is kicking my ass!!  I was taking Nutrition and dropped it because this ONE chemistry class is just to much!!

I have to say though, March has been an extremely blessed month for us in a lot of ways!!  John and I celebrated our 3rd year anniversary!  We had such a great night! We were able to go out and have an awesome meal, he surprised me with 3 dozen red roses,  a card that of course made me cry and a ice cream date after dinner. It was so nice to actually TALK, with out being interrupted, to have an actual hot meal and enjoy every single bite!!  Funny how you savor the little things that once used to be so easy to have.

We've been doing more stuff around the house, after a long hiatus its time to get back at it.  We are doing our landscaping in the front yard, FINALLY!! I'm so excited. The front yard has not been touched since 04 when the house was bought, than 2 years ago we had it grated and dirt brought in,  to come to a halt. Since then its sat as an empty slate eyesore! 

We are finishing up our living room, well I shouldn't say finishing because we are redoing it. New paint, new texture, new drywall, new baseboards through out the entire house!!  Its going to be crazy!! I am excited though! 

I'm starting to plan T & M's Birthday parties.  This year I decided that I'm going to combine them, being that they are a month apart I just figured it would be easier. I am however making sure that Micah's big day isn't down played in shadow of T.   We are having it our house again and I'm hoping (praying) that the same crap that happened last year doesn't happen again. Last year our A/C went out 3 hours before guests were to arrive, it was 115 out that day, I was HUGELY pregnant. Yea it was a mess!! 

My Best friend came to town and I was able to meet up with her while she was here.  I went to my first Spring training game and well, we barely watched it. We were to busy chatting and taking care kids. I took my two and she had hers and her niece. All in all it was fun!  The next day we went out for drinks and dinner!! I miss this girl, I love that we are able to pick up right were we left off!! 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

It's a Date!!!

A Mommy and T kinda date!!   I took T out with me on Sunday for a little alone time!!  I try to do this monthly so he feels and knows that he's still my main dude!  Not to mention I know when he needs that one on one time with just me. The acting out/fits and whining become triple overload. Unfortunately due to everything going on with life, school, bday parties etc it just kind of got put on the back burner. Big mistake!!  Here's a preface as to why I like one on one time with just T, and I don't mean just taking him with me to the grocery store or running errands, I mean like a real date.
 My son goes to an in home daycare. So typically its the same routine day in and day out with the exception of school. Its typically always the same kids until she gets a new one. Which was the case this month.  The new little boy is about a year and half, 2 years younger than T. 
Here's where I knew it was time for that one on one time, for two weeks T had been acting out, picking on his bro, whining at everything, being defiant, talking back etc.  but last week on a Friday my caregiver pulled me aside and said  we needed to talk, so I said whats up. She started to explain to me that T was super mean today, confused I looked at her and said explain.. She said that he went over to one of the little girls legos she just had built and he kicked it right over, went up to new boy pushed him (hard), talking back to her and telling her I don't have to, when she put him in time out he threw himself back which made him hit the curio cabinet she has. Then, she said, she was making lunch in the other room and could hear T talking to B(new kid) saying something along the lines of No, you're not allowed to go, when she walked in my kid (shakes head), my kid had B up against the couch with his hand wrapped around his neck and pushing up.  MY KID did that!!  WHAT THE FUCK!!!
I realize all kids can get mean and act out and talk back but my kid literally had this boy in a adult like I'm gonna fuck you up stance!!  I don't find it funny or boast in the glory that yea my kid did that.. NO, that to me is absolutely unacceptable behavior. So when she finished I picked my jaw up off the floor and told her that I would have a talk with him.   WOW!!!     I'm not positive where he would have picked  this up from. I know that T and his Dad wrestle, rough house and play fight. He's not allowed to watch cartoons that are filled with that crap, he typically watches Einsteins, Jake and the pirates, Mickey Mouse that type of stuff,as well as the super hero squad (Hulk, Iron man,Superman etc.) and occasionally we have watched Transformers(maybe from that) with him.  Anyhow.. When we got home I went about our day and when I put M down for his third nap,  I pulled T aside and talked to him, I asked him what happened and he explained and I asked him if he thought doing that was the right thing to do? He said No. So I know he understands.  When John got home I told him what happened and I wanted him to have a more in depth talk with his son.  He did and I'm hoping this doesn't happen again.  So that leads me into the Mommy and T date.  We woke up on Sunday and I told T to get dressed and ready.  Once we were both ready we left and he didn't know where we were going until I told him in the car that we were going just him and I to breakfast and to a movie.  EXCITED  he was!!  I took him to Ihop for breakfast and he had a blast, he got a mickey pancake and eggs. 

Then we were off to see  The Lorax, T doesn't quite understand Dr. Seuss and who he is just yet. I love him and thought this would be a great movie for him. I have to say it was a really cute movie and T enjoyed himself. He was able to get his own popcorn, candy and an Icee!!  (holy sugar overload) We had a great day together, I love being able to have that time with him. Its not only good for him, its good for me to. I'm pulled in so many directions its hard to have that time with him.

On Monday he was headed back to school and I was curious to see how he would do. When I picked him up or caregiver said he was an absolutely different kid. That's just one day, lets see how the week goes!
All week he has been amazing. He's helpful, is listening, sharing, super sweet to his brother. Of course he has his moments where I have to get after him.  I definitely think our date was what T needed. 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

7 Months Old

Hold the phone..  Did I just type 7 Months Old??!?!   Hold the freaking phone!!   Gahhhhhh...  I can't believe M is SEVEN months old...  :::tears::::       7 Months of pure cuteness, 7 Months of every up and down emotion, challenge, newness! That I think one can handle.    7 Months have come and gone and every day is new!!  Especially with this kid.  This kid is new, he's a nut, he's a FEISTY child. 

M Stats:
Weight: 17lbs 13oz
Height: None

Eating:  Everything; every Veggie and every fruit (with exception of course), we recently introduced the puffs, and yogurt melts (loves). We introduced a sippy cup, he's not into it. 

Activities:  He's CRAWLING!!!  Has been since I told him he was 6 months old.  Well, Army crawling, because I would be politically incorrect if I said Crawling because he's not up on all fours when crawling.  He gets around like a speed of light with this gimp of an army crawl its quite funny and cute!!  He tries so hard to keep up with his brother.  He's a tantrum thrower!! Oh yes, a 7 month old can and will throw a tantrum!! He will throw himself back and knock his head on our tile in pure "I can't believe you just fucking took that toy away from me"!! Yea that kind of tantrum!!   He loves trucks like his brother.  He likes the wheels how they go around and around.  He loves wobble or webbles whatever those things are.  Mostly that's when he throws his fits is if I or T take them away from him.. I take them away so I can pick him up and go, T does it merely to piss him off.  and it does!!  He's very ticklish, So very ticklish. I discover new spots all the time. He's got TWO teeth. Bottom teeth. They are pretty cute. I love toofer smiles! 

Poor dude has been introduced to his first "real" sickness!  Besides the minor cold/allergies because our Az weather sucks - Its hot than REALLY cold, than hot.. Yea so its wreaking havoc on the allergy suffers.
M unfortunately was subject to a fever that was as stubborn as him and would not go away, so he paid his first visit to Urgent Care. Then 3 days later we were told he had a double ear infection and a cough. Then 4 days later told one ear was clearing up and the other was still pusy(sp) and inflamed, and his cough was worse!!  REALLY!!  If I wasn't mistaken this is all to familiar territory when we had T. Tristan was 6 months old when he first got his real sickness, ear infection after ear infection and tubes at 8 1/2 months!!  I'm pretty sure we are heading down the same path, I'm hoping that we don't have to wait as long this time around! 

All in all Micah is an extremely happy, outgoing, go getter, snuggler, shines his smile to those he knows but timid and reserved around those he does not.   Both boys are complete opposites!! COMPLETE opposites. Not that I expected them to be the same person different names kinda thing. It's just so strange that while pregnant I had these imaginations about what M would be like because T was like that. I was very wrong!!!

He wears most of his dinner. It suits him. =)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Baby Food Makin..

I'm honestly surprised at myself!! I really never thought I would be that person who makes there kids baby food. I do. With T  I didn't, sorry T you were my test run baby. I really just followed all the rules of the book, the pedia and society. Suddenly when you learn not everything is done by the book and you open your mind up, you find Cloth diapering, baby food making, Baby Led feeding, baby wearing, etc etc etc. world out there. Way beyond the confines of a book.  Pretty interesting I tell ya.
So I wanted to try a few new things with M, being that he's my last baby and things I wish I would of done with T, I wanted to do for M.  Not to say that T didn't get the nutrition, attention etc that his brother is getting. Its just done with more of an open mind. =)  Ive had many friends do it. I've watched, I've read, seemed pretty simple and totally feasible. So when the time came I looked up what I needed to do, what types of food were good to make and freeze and the baby food making experience started!!
After the first batch I was pretty happy with myself, like one domesticated diva.. HA!  I will say though, I  felt myself asking is this really worth my 2-3 hours to prepare all of this?  When time is not on my side as of lately. So when I ran out of the small batch I had made, I went ahead and bought some jarred food to last me and weighed out the positives and negs.  Two negatives I noticed right away was that  the cost of buying jarred versus making my own was in fact quite a bit more especially if I continued on this route. Secondly M, noticed the difference, I really didn't think he would but he did and was most noticeable with Carrots and Apples.  So I'm baby food making diva. And quite honestly the time- 2-3 hours of peeling, baking, steaming, pureeing, are ALL more than worth it. I now have a rhythm down and it makes this process a bit easier. I do fruits one weekend and veggies another. I make more than just a month or two worth, I typically pick up about 2-3 lbs of fruits and veggies I also watch for sales on organic fruits and veggies at a local store called Sprouts for deals. This is lasting me quite a bit longer than the first batch. Not only do I have to supply for myself I have to supply for my caregiver. So doubling up just makes since.  I will say this though my kid still gets some Jard food I typically only do this on weekends that we are out and about and I have no way to thaw out the food and i don't feel like carrying all the extra bowls etc. 

So far since M turned 4 months- He's tried;
Veggies: Carrots, squash (butternut and acorn), green beans, sweet peas, sweet potato's, mix of carrots and squash, mix of green beans and acorn squash.
Fruits: Avocado, banana, apples, Cinnamon apples, pear, peaches, blueberries, mango, blueberry/banana mush, banana/apple mush, peaches/banana mush, (he's still very unsure about peaches and I think its the bitter/tart flavor he's not digging).

This was the start of a  veggie weekend, I needed to make more apples for my caregiver hence the apples you see.  I forgot to take pics of the Sweet potato's and the carrots I had made earlier. Ttypically the Squashes are the longest to make. I bake (about 45 minutes), then peel then puree.

Acorn and butternut Squash
Cinnamon Apples

 The Squashes baked and ready to be peeled and pureed.

 Butternut squash

 Acorn Squash

Easy Peasy and I'm glad I opened my mind to to things like this. I can offer M so many new things, that I was once limited to with T. I'm hoping M will have more of an open mind about food than his poor brother. I know most, if not all of T's pickyness is due to me. I hope to change that with M and maybe T will follow.
Here's the website I used to make baby food.  I also got useful info from a few friends who also blog. Lisa and Amber.