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Monday, September 21, 2009

#3 - Lose 15lbs

Okay so I'm ready to do this. I took a break after my wedding - I was pretty much sick of focusing on it and just wanted to be able to eat and well not go to the gym. Although I kept up with it but kind of fell of the wagon alittle. Now its time to get back on that rickety wagon and start up again!! What better motivation then sign up with a few of the girls again to do "the Biggest Loser #3", I was in the first one and that was my motivation for my wedding more so than the money - the money would of been nice but I just needed to focus on my own goal and my wedding. Now its about losing about 15lbs and winning that money- This buy in is only $25 but there is about 25 girls doing this.. Sooo.. I'm out to lose and WIN!! Wish me luck!!
Our cut off is I think Jan 6th? I will correct that when I know for sure.
Perfect because the holidays are coming up and I LOVE me some candy, sweets are my weakness.
I am headed back to the gym, Tues- Thurs, starting with cardio two days and then strength training until I can get back into it which will be about 2 weeks. After that I will move onto the classes they have 2 days a week followed by 2 days cardio and strength training..
If I lose more - Good for me, but like i said my main goal is just 15lbs and toning up.
*I've already started out on a bad foot - I had a soda today, pshh you would to with the way my morning was going. At least it was only one and that is one of my other goals as well to cut down to one a day. If I can get rid of it all together that would be great!!
Anyway - Biggest Loser #3 is under way!!
before and after pics??? I will not put my weight out there.. Its GROSS!! but before and afters's? Whatcha think??


Stacey said...

Gotta do before and after pics! And I say put your weight out there, if it makes you feel better remember mine is like twice yours lol! Goodluck on your Biggest Loser challenge!

Lisa said...

You can do it Jenni, You sexy bitch you!!

Jenni said...

Awe stacey, weight is only a number but a number I hate even looking at.. :(
and thank you Miss Lisa..