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Sunday, November 1, 2009

#3 Lose 15lbs- Lets try this again.

So I posted about this already here and I never really finished it or for that matter stayed focused on it.. So now we are in a new month and I need to start again, this time I AM serious. I HAVE to lose 15lbs and lets just add like 5 more to that because you know halloween was just yesterday and I possibly could of gained about - 3-5 lbs-  in just candy.. UGH   (Horrible I know) 
Anyway - by me saying I'm serious..I mean it!!   I have before pics.. and I will take pictures every two weeks to hold me liable.. I'm not posting my weight- I will post lbs lost or gained tho. and just maybe at the end of this I will post my NEW weight and then you can figure out my starting weight from there and be disgusted- then not NOW..  gahhaha 
Anyway Lets start off with Pics..  Shall we.....
Good lord do you see that bell-ay!!  EEwwwww.. GOTS TO GOOOO....and I'm not even sucking in PEOPLE!!!
Enuf said!!

Now thats just wrong - It waves good bye as I say hell-O.. 
UGH!!   Hi Muffin Top. or is that a spare tire around my waist? You be the judge.

So pics are posted..  As of now.. I wear a Large in T-shirts and Tank tops and I wear a 12/14 in jeans.  :sniffle sniffle: I used to fit into 8's people  Yea I suppose that was WAY before being married and having a baby.. But ya know it would be nice to get back there.. I'm not getting my hopes up to much- if I can get back into 10's I would be a happy camper fo shore!!  :0)  I can't believe I just came clean about all that.. Makes it that much more real I suppose.

So thats, that!  I'm stickin to it- I'm headed back to the gym tomorrow and with that said I hope T starts feeling better because I really don't like taking him to the daycare there when he is sick.. We will see what happens.


Lisa said...

Your brave to start right before the holidays..but you can do it, I know you can!!

Stacey said...

You can do it!!

Rhonda said...

Hey, found you thru the under 100 group on mom dot.... and I'm so glad I did... I'm in the holding pattern in my efforts to lose weight, and I'm sure all the candy, soda and sugary coffee, plus the french fries REALLY helped me out today... I'm gonna be following closely, maybe you'll inspire me to do better... :)

Laura said...

You go girl!! You are doing *exactly* what I should be doing right know, instead of being on the computer! :) I think it's great and wish you the best of luck, maybe I should follow your lead too!

BTW, your little guy is so cute!!

Stephanie said...

Best wishes in your journey! What "strategies" are you using to reach your goal?

I really need to start running more consistently now that cooler weather has finally arrived here in Arizona...

Arizona Mamma said...

I am with you on this! I just did a post about it too. Funny. Glad you found my blog. By the way, my wedding anniversary is March 19th!

Jenni said...

Laura Thank you :)
Stephanie, I'm basically just cleaning up my eating, stoping the soda (ugh that ones hard), and exercising as much as I can during the week even if I can't hit the gym I try to take T for a walk. We will see what happens. BTW I live in Az too. I wish it would cool down this is ridiculous.