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About the 4 Ts

Mommi T...
I'm a Mommy to TWO, married to an awesome man who I look up to and who makes me happy.  I work with family, I run the office, I run my house, I cook, clean and do every Mommy thing you could imagine, I love reality T.V. - probably to much, I wear flip flops- no wait I live in them, jeans are my favorite, I have an obsession with purses and shoes, I love photography, I love picture takeing and the memories they leave behind,  I'm laid back and easy going, I'm going back to school,  I have a passion to be a L&D Nurse, I love life, its stressful, crazy and  hectic but its my life and being blessed with the THREE best things in my life make it all worth while.
~Live, Laugh, Love~

Daddi T-
That  man is awesome!! He's my rock, my heart and soul. He is by far the best Daddi I know. He loves unconditionally and whole heartily. He would give you the shirt off his back. He's a man's man, nothing more and nothing less. He's the President and founder of his Mini Truck Club he started from the ground up. Perfect Poise has been around since 2003 and he takes it very seriously. We have a family of friends that we see on a regular basis. He builds trucks and enjoys doing so. I love watching him build something that once had no potential to something that becomes show quality.   He puts heart in soul into everything he touches and makes life worthwhile!!

Lil T  (no longer baby T)
Tristan Marcus
Is my spunky just turned 3 year old July 9th little boy. T is an amazing little boy, he rocked mine and Daddi T's world when he came into this world. In a good way of course. T has been a blessing in more ways than one.
T definitely has our attitude and most definitely our stubbornness. As much as he is stubborn he has just as much love and snuggles to make up for it. T is also a love bug.. My Love bug, a total Mommi's boy, but when it comes to going outside, forget Mommi, it's all about Daddi!!  T is a Boy's Boy, he loves dirt, getting hurt(of course with Momma kisses to fix it), swimming, bugs, playing with trucks, motorcycles, tractors anything that has wheels on it, he's all about it!  T is now a Proud Big Brother.

Our Newest Addition
Baby M
Micah Christian
is our latest addition to the family. He was born on August 07, 2011. He completes our family and makes us a family of four. I love him to pieces and couldnt imagine life with out this little guy. He's an amazing, spunky dude. He doesnt sleep, no really he doesn't!! He must be a part of the action at all times. He's definitely not a chill baby, he's an on the go baby.  He's happiest sitting up, don't you dare lay him down to just look at a stark white ceiling. I'm excited to watch him grow and see who he takes after, if he will be anything like his brother or a complete opposite.

And this is our Family