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Sunday, November 1, 2009

#27 Visit a Farmer's Market and Buy Produce

Last week on Wens- I got to go to my first Farmer's Market with one of Friends- It was actually pretty neat and I was really excited to see what they had and how a farmers market actually worked.     I bought some produce I got some cucumbers and some apples- the apples that I got are Mini apples, They taste pretty tart but T loves them and I didn't mind em.  I also got tamales and OH MY these were FANTASTIC.. I had 2 when I got home for dinner and John had some as well.  Very good!! I will definitely be going back.. I love the fact that farmers markets help out our local farmers- so that was nice, another thing everything is organic and pesticide free- which is AWESOME!!  The one I went to was pretty small - I was told - The ones they have on the weekends are usually alot bigger and alot more vendors.. I will be checking those out.
The prices were pretty comparable to the prices at supermarkets for the organic produce. Oh and don't forget your re-usable grocery bags. I did and I had to use the stroller as my bag.. T wasn't to happy..

1 comment:

Lisa said...

I LOVE farmers markets, cant get better produce than that!