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Thursday, March 8, 2012

It's a Date!!!

A Mommy and T kinda date!!   I took T out with me on Sunday for a little alone time!!  I try to do this monthly so he feels and knows that he's still my main dude!  Not to mention I know when he needs that one on one time with just me. The acting out/fits and whining become triple overload. Unfortunately due to everything going on with life, school, bday parties etc it just kind of got put on the back burner. Big mistake!!  Here's a preface as to why I like one on one time with just T, and I don't mean just taking him with me to the grocery store or running errands, I mean like a real date.
 My son goes to an in home daycare. So typically its the same routine day in and day out with the exception of school. Its typically always the same kids until she gets a new one. Which was the case this month.  The new little boy is about a year and half, 2 years younger than T. 
Here's where I knew it was time for that one on one time, for two weeks T had been acting out, picking on his bro, whining at everything, being defiant, talking back etc.  but last week on a Friday my caregiver pulled me aside and said  we needed to talk, so I said whats up. She started to explain to me that T was super mean today, confused I looked at her and said explain.. She said that he went over to one of the little girls legos she just had built and he kicked it right over, went up to new boy pushed him (hard), talking back to her and telling her I don't have to, when she put him in time out he threw himself back which made him hit the curio cabinet she has. Then, she said, she was making lunch in the other room and could hear T talking to B(new kid) saying something along the lines of No, you're not allowed to go, when she walked in my kid (shakes head), my kid had B up against the couch with his hand wrapped around his neck and pushing up.  MY KID did that!!  WHAT THE FUCK!!!
I realize all kids can get mean and act out and talk back but my kid literally had this boy in a adult like I'm gonna fuck you up stance!!  I don't find it funny or boast in the glory that yea my kid did that.. NO, that to me is absolutely unacceptable behavior. So when she finished I picked my jaw up off the floor and told her that I would have a talk with him.   WOW!!!     I'm not positive where he would have picked  this up from. I know that T and his Dad wrestle, rough house and play fight. He's not allowed to watch cartoons that are filled with that crap, he typically watches Einsteins, Jake and the pirates, Mickey Mouse that type of stuff,as well as the super hero squad (Hulk, Iron man,Superman etc.) and occasionally we have watched Transformers(maybe from that) with him.  Anyhow.. When we got home I went about our day and when I put M down for his third nap,  I pulled T aside and talked to him, I asked him what happened and he explained and I asked him if he thought doing that was the right thing to do? He said No. So I know he understands.  When John got home I told him what happened and I wanted him to have a more in depth talk with his son.  He did and I'm hoping this doesn't happen again.  So that leads me into the Mommy and T date.  We woke up on Sunday and I told T to get dressed and ready.  Once we were both ready we left and he didn't know where we were going until I told him in the car that we were going just him and I to breakfast and to a movie.  EXCITED  he was!!  I took him to Ihop for breakfast and he had a blast, he got a mickey pancake and eggs. 

Then we were off to see  The Lorax, T doesn't quite understand Dr. Seuss and who he is just yet. I love him and thought this would be a great movie for him. I have to say it was a really cute movie and T enjoyed himself. He was able to get his own popcorn, candy and an Icee!!  (holy sugar overload) We had a great day together, I love being able to have that time with him. Its not only good for him, its good for me to. I'm pulled in so many directions its hard to have that time with him.

On Monday he was headed back to school and I was curious to see how he would do. When I picked him up or caregiver said he was an absolutely different kid. That's just one day, lets see how the week goes!
All week he has been amazing. He's helpful, is listening, sharing, super sweet to his brother. Of course he has his moments where I have to get after him.  I definitely think our date was what T needed. 

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