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Friday, April 13, 2012

8 Months Old

I'm a little behind-
Oiii,  I'm not sure I like this whole growing up thing!!  Its going by way to fast and it seems faster now that I have two, just not fair!
I will say though, Micah is oodles of fun, he makes me laugh and astounds me in ways I never thought possible!  Its amazing the things this kid can do. He's my little stunt devil, has no fear!   He pretty much started crawling at 5 months (army crawling), full on crawling by 7 months and pulling himself up to standing position. Now at 8 months.  EIGHT MONTHS he is cruising the couches and everything he can get good leverage on to walk around!  SOOOO in trouble with this one!   He's into everything, all drawers, all cabinets, all toys, his and T's.   I can no longer leave T in the bath by himself because M makes his way into the bathroom and stands at the side and trys to lift one leg up and over and with the heaviness of his head I can only imagine that he would be flipping right in within a few seconds!  Yep, not happening. So I have to baby gate it every where he is not allowed to be, and he gets PISSED!!  I mean MAD!!!!   Lord help me!  The temper on this dude is beyond me!  He wants what he wants and NOW!!   He has such a great personality although very shy around new people. Even people he's seen before like my Mom or his Grandpa he freaks out!  He's a big Mommas boy for sure!  I thought T was, but I'm thinking he's more of Daddy's boy.
He's still babbling, says Maamma maama, Dadda dadda, babba, and bubbba..  We've been working on all done, so big and  clapping. He finds it funny when we clap and try to show him.
He absolutely adores his brother. He loves to be near him all the time, even though poor T just wants his space sometimes. M is always in his room, wants what T has, loves night time because we pile into T's bed and read a story or just lay there and talk or have tickle sessions. 
Micah loves to snuggle and has a preference of blankets, pretty funny. I just noticed this habit.  He has to have a blanket to snuggle his face into and it has to be one of the very puffy, soft blankets. I think its a texture thing. When he wakes in the morning he has to take it with him into our bed while he gets his first bottle, he rubs his feet back and forth on it.   He's got 4 teeth, 2 on the bottom, and two big things still coming in up top, also the two on the sides are coming right behind. I thought they were all coming in at the same time, but it looks like just the first two.  He's still eating purees, but I've also started introducing more solid food pieces. Stuff we eat at night, little bits of chicken, or steak, potato's, grapes, cucumbers,- not a ton makes it into his mouth but he sure tries.  I love this stage of babyhood, but it sure goes fast and I'm definitely going to miss this stage of his life.  Next up is 9 Months and his well check. 

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