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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

7 Months Old

Hold the phone..  Did I just type 7 Months Old??!?!   Hold the freaking phone!!   Gahhhhhh...  I can't believe M is SEVEN months old...  :::tears::::       7 Months of pure cuteness, 7 Months of every up and down emotion, challenge, newness! That I think one can handle.    7 Months have come and gone and every day is new!!  Especially with this kid.  This kid is new, he's a nut, he's a FEISTY child. 

M Stats:
Weight: 17lbs 13oz
Height: None

Eating:  Everything; every Veggie and every fruit (with exception of course), we recently introduced the puffs, and yogurt melts (loves). We introduced a sippy cup, he's not into it. 

Activities:  He's CRAWLING!!!  Has been since I told him he was 6 months old.  Well, Army crawling, because I would be politically incorrect if I said Crawling because he's not up on all fours when crawling.  He gets around like a speed of light with this gimp of an army crawl its quite funny and cute!!  He tries so hard to keep up with his brother.  He's a tantrum thrower!! Oh yes, a 7 month old can and will throw a tantrum!! He will throw himself back and knock his head on our tile in pure "I can't believe you just fucking took that toy away from me"!! Yea that kind of tantrum!!   He loves trucks like his brother.  He likes the wheels how they go around and around.  He loves wobble or webbles whatever those things are.  Mostly that's when he throws his fits is if I or T take them away from him.. I take them away so I can pick him up and go, T does it merely to piss him off.  and it does!!  He's very ticklish, So very ticklish. I discover new spots all the time. He's got TWO teeth. Bottom teeth. They are pretty cute. I love toofer smiles! 

Poor dude has been introduced to his first "real" sickness!  Besides the minor cold/allergies because our Az weather sucks - Its hot than REALLY cold, than hot.. Yea so its wreaking havoc on the allergy suffers.
M unfortunately was subject to a fever that was as stubborn as him and would not go away, so he paid his first visit to Urgent Care. Then 3 days later we were told he had a double ear infection and a cough. Then 4 days later told one ear was clearing up and the other was still pusy(sp) and inflamed, and his cough was worse!!  REALLY!!  If I wasn't mistaken this is all to familiar territory when we had T. Tristan was 6 months old when he first got his real sickness, ear infection after ear infection and tubes at 8 1/2 months!!  I'm pretty sure we are heading down the same path, I'm hoping that we don't have to wait as long this time around! 

All in all Micah is an extremely happy, outgoing, go getter, snuggler, shines his smile to those he knows but timid and reserved around those he does not.   Both boys are complete opposites!! COMPLETE opposites. Not that I expected them to be the same person different names kinda thing. It's just so strange that while pregnant I had these imaginations about what M would be like because T was like that. I was very wrong!!!

He wears most of his dinner. It suits him. =)

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