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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Updates and Shizzz..


I have updates, I have a lot of them.. Time though... NONE, Zero, Zilch, Nada.   Not this week or next -well maybe next, after Tuesday anyway.
but  I will say this:
I AM ALMOST DONE with my Flipping Chemistry Class and I'm hoping and praying that I pass, even by a hair.  I want and need to pass!!  My final is on Tuesday. I'm a nervous wreck. I took my last test on this Tues and I find out today what I HAVE to get on the Final to pass by that very thin hairline. =/

**I'm planning a pretty big Birthday bash for my two favorite little boys!  I'm pretty excited about it. I'm alittle overwhelmed, but I'm sure thats because school is taking up most if not all of my time

**We got our Family pics back and what was supposed to be Micah's 6 month pics turned 8-9 month pics done. I'm super excited about them.

** Micah's 9 month info which - he doesn't turn that till the 7th so I'm going to savor the fact that I still have an 8 month old, who thinks he's a toddler gone rampid

**We finished some other things around the house.  Like our landscaping in the front, Looks AAAMMAZING if I don't say so myself.  We got new paint colors in the family room and ripped up all the old baseboard and put new NICER stuff in.  

**T is going to be FOUR!!!!  How? When? Why?    He plays Tball, He talks like a real person and even has an attitude that I never expected to come out of such a small person.  He also says some of the funniest shit I've heard, puts comedians to shame that's for sure. He also does some silly things.  That kid has spunk and I'm glad he's ALL mine.    That also means I've had this blog for almost four years!   WOW!!

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