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Friday, April 6, 2012

Lots of happenings

Wow, March was here and then it was gone.. Just like that.. Now its April- can this year go any faster? I mean its not like I just didn't get done putting away my xmas stuff to have to take back down in 9 months.  Good lord!
Anyhow...   March has been an insanely crazy busy month.  T started Tball, I'm still is school, Micah is out of control - crawling, cruising the couches, he'll be 8 months on the 7th!  Every weekend we have something going on, every day during the week we have something going on, I started back at boot camp, which I love, but I am however allergic to working out!  True story!  It's ridiculous but I refuse to stop, I love it and I can tell that my endurance in the last 3 weeks of going is slowly gaining!! 
All this stuff going on has made our schedules less than ideal and I'm really not liking it!  It is what it is for right now! 
My plan is to take the summer off and be with my kids, I'm thinking of working from home 2 days a week to be with them and just slow down some with them. I feel like I've missed a ton of M's milestones, T's milestones.  It sucks!

School sucks- I freaking hate it!  I hate Chemistry!  I was so looking forward to getting back to school and being in that atmosphere, but this class is kicking my ass!!  I was taking Nutrition and dropped it because this ONE chemistry class is just to much!!

I have to say though, March has been an extremely blessed month for us in a lot of ways!!  John and I celebrated our 3rd year anniversary!  We had such a great night! We were able to go out and have an awesome meal, he surprised me with 3 dozen red roses,  a card that of course made me cry and a ice cream date after dinner. It was so nice to actually TALK, with out being interrupted, to have an actual hot meal and enjoy every single bite!!  Funny how you savor the little things that once used to be so easy to have.

We've been doing more stuff around the house, after a long hiatus its time to get back at it.  We are doing our landscaping in the front yard, FINALLY!! I'm so excited. The front yard has not been touched since 04 when the house was bought, than 2 years ago we had it grated and dirt brought in,  to come to a halt. Since then its sat as an empty slate eyesore! 

We are finishing up our living room, well I shouldn't say finishing because we are redoing it. New paint, new texture, new drywall, new baseboards through out the entire house!!  Its going to be crazy!! I am excited though! 

I'm starting to plan T & M's Birthday parties.  This year I decided that I'm going to combine them, being that they are a month apart I just figured it would be easier. I am however making sure that Micah's big day isn't down played in shadow of T.   We are having it our house again and I'm hoping (praying) that the same crap that happened last year doesn't happen again. Last year our A/C went out 3 hours before guests were to arrive, it was 115 out that day, I was HUGELY pregnant. Yea it was a mess!! 

My Best friend came to town and I was able to meet up with her while she was here.  I went to my first Spring training game and well, we barely watched it. We were to busy chatting and taking care kids. I took my two and she had hers and her niece. All in all it was fun!  The next day we went out for drinks and dinner!! I miss this girl, I love that we are able to pick up right were we left off!! 

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