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Saturday, April 9, 2011

After Shots of Our House/ T's Garden

Excuse the side yard, we are still purging items and it looks a mess. But.. focus your eyes on the paint..
Colors: Dunn Edwards Paint
Trim- Walnut Brown
Perimeter: Navajo White 

 Porch, we plan on either epoxying the concrete or tiling it with Travertine.

Front of the house, We will be getting rid of the blue canopy thing above T's Window. Just haven't done it yet. Next up is our Landscaping!! Can not wait!!

 Side of the house

We also ripped up the ugly green carpet that was in our entry way,  what a difference that made as well!! We are thinking of epoxying it to much the colors we have for paint using the pebble look

Onto Tristan's Garden. I purchased this little kit at Home depot when we were doing all the painting of rooms. I really didn't think we would do anything right away, but T and I had a free moment to go ahead and start this.

T decorated the top of the canister with Cars Stickers. He was mighty proud, even though I did the work. Sheesh.. Well he put the stickers on himself.

and about 2 weeks later this is what sprouted.. for some reason, not all of them sprouted, so I might have messed up or didn't push the seeds deep enough into the soil.  Anyway. We have some growage and hopefully once we transfer these, they will continue to grow.. I will keep you updated.

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