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Friday, April 8, 2011

*Mother Feck myself*

I've been using this term a lot lately!! Not gonna Lie it feels good to scream it out! Even if it is - ya know to myself!!
So like I said I had a Dr's appt on Tues, It went Great. I guess.. Baby M is great, Kicking up a storm even the Dr. was able to the feel the action, Quite funny actually. Its like he knows when someone is messing around with the Bell-ah.. He kicked her right where she put the Doppler.. Feisty little thing!
I also got yelled at,  lets not sugar coat this.. I'm up another 8lbs.  WTF Pull my hair out are you kidding me!! Yea thats more than likely what came out of my mouth when she told me.  Anyway- ladies and gents that puts me up 20lbs!!  UMMMM Problem I am ONLY 23 Weeks prego here!! This causes some problems, maybe not for M in total, but for my own well being!!  I have 17 weeks to go and 17 more ish pounds to gain, and umm Yea you get my drift here!! I am not thrilled about this AT ALL!!
So I was a bit disappointed to say the least when I left.  I realize it was the end of the day, I'm bloated etc etc, but EIGHT POUNDS!!!  Feck my life Literally!!   My goals are about to change, I can't exactly fast, because then I starve myself and my kid and I'm not that mean and lets face it I like food.
But my kitchen pantry and fridge are about to get an overhaul-  I can't gain any more weight this month.. I was told to maintain, or at least try. 
I hate being the fatty prego,  I wonder if some people look at my belly and wonder.. "is she prego? or just fat?" Shoot I sometimes wonder!!  I'm super self conscious as it is,  I don't rock shorts, because I hate my legs, I wear capris or pants. Yep even in 120 degree weather,wonderful Az has to offer.
Which brings me to another fuck myself moment. Yesterday I was trying to be more, Who cares about what I look like, Its hot I need some shorts or skirts to get me through the summer, so I went to Old Navy and found some capris and a pair of shorts, well bermuda style shorts, not short shorts cause God who really wants to see the cellulite these legs have to offer, Not I.. so I got them on, cute, okay I can rock these, ok turn around and my mother effing spider vein that  I received as a present when I was prego with T has come back with a vengeance and has now spread and is Nice and PURPLE!! Its right behind my knee on my right leg, its pretty NASTY!   I can't WIN!!!!  Ugghhh  So that was a wrap!!
I got a few shirts, and tanks that hopefully will accentuate the prego belly and not the back rolls, with some left over fat that got pushed to the sides of my hips. =)  I'll let you know how that goes.

On to some Positives:  
I will be posting After photos of our casa Freshly painted.
T and  I planted a Garden 2 weekends ago and I totally forgot to blog about this, it is on my 101 and I'm quite proud of our little garden. It sprouted some leaves and vines. We are growing cucumbers and tomatoes. I don't know why we got tomato's I don't even like them. But cucumbers.. YUM.. So we have to transfer them to a bigger pot since they are incubated in a little plastic thing for starters. =)  Who knew I had a green thumb.. Well kinda.  =)
We also received T's Decals and I'm waiting to put them up, since I have been told to wait 30 days to put anything on the walls that were just painted.  I hope this works.

Other than that, Work is killing me, School is literally kicking my ass!!   I have 5 more weeks of this class then its onto Chemistry Kill me NOW.. 5 week course during summer, I think I have lost my mind!!   T is a handful, but I can't get enough of him!! Brightens my day right up!!

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