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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

101 in 1001 Goals Updated


Man- who knew goals were so hard to reach??!!  Apparently they are. but every goal I get to is an accomplishment in my book and something I get to look back on a say yep, we were able to do that!
So a few updates to add to this sucker.

17. Get a Pedicure once a month
Completed!!  I was able to get one last month, and I got one this last weekend.

21. Go back to School –June 2010 1st class Completed Math, 2nd Class Completed 12/2010 Bio 156 Taking third Class Completed, 4th Class: Bio 201- to be completed May 2011, 5th Class: Chm 130 & Lab to be completed Summer 2011-
After these last two classes I will be able to get on the wait list for the nursing. Super excited and hoping this will all work out. I've been running into a few snags and hangups, but I'm pushin through.

75. Take Tristan to Disney land- this is being planned for March-2011 Completed 03/2011
We had such a blast. It was a short and sweet Vacay- but well worth the memories.

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