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Monday, October 25, 2010

30 Day Challenge- Day 7 & 8

HA lets try that again,  I meant to post Day 6 and 7 within the same post yesterday but for whatever reason I got ahead of myself and posted about my birthday instead. HA!!

So here is the double edition of the 30 day challenge.. Really I'm not coocoo

Day 7  Favorite Movies

So many I seriously dont even know where to begin.

Dirty Dancing
The Notebook
My Best Friends Wedding
Step Brothers
What Happens in Vegas
The Blind Side
Christmas Vacation - We watch this every Christmas, still funny no matter how old it is..
Benjamin Button
Baby Mama
P.S. I love you

and the list could go on and on..

These days though J and I don't get to watch alot of movies, we are pretty busy.

Day 8 - A Place You've Traveled To

I havent traveled like out of the country really. I mean if you consider Mexico than yea I have gone there a lot.  I think the most memorable place I have been to - is when we went on our very first cruise to the Bahamas.  Seriously the best time of my life. I can not wait for the time when we can go again!!
We had such a blast and I'm so glad we were able to expierence that.
We went to Half Moon Cay, Nassau and Turks/ Caicos.. 
We had such an amazing time. Oh I said that already! HA!!

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