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Thursday, November 12, 2009


I AM SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW!!  For something that is so minuscule to some, but so big for me!!

WE ARE GOING ON OUR CRUISE!!!    MAY 3, 2010   John and I will be setting sail on a 5 day Eastern Caribbean Cruise!!!  

This was something I truly never thought would happen-  We discussed it and talked about it and that had been the plan, but never in my right mind did I really think it would happen!!   We didn't get a honeymoon after our wedding. We just didnt have the money and with the way the economy was with our jobs etc it just wasn't in our cards.. So we made the decsion to pay some bills and get some things out of the way before we planned anything, but you know how that goes-  you say you'll get to it and you don't and it gets put off and off and off until its forgotton!! 

NOT ANY LONGER!!  I made it a priority this past week, hence the very slow posting.  I researched it long and hard, was in contact with travel agents, talked to John, talked to more travel agents and it is PLANNED!! 
John and  I deserve this cruise. We deserve this Vacation. This is our Belated Honeymoon/ 1 year anniversary cruise  AND I will be damned if we didn't get it!! 

SO EXCITED!!  NOW  I really need to get my ASS in gear and lose some poundage- I will be rocking a swimsuit - maybe not a bikini- a Tankini (hahah)  and I will rock it proudly!!!  :0)~  

**Note to self:  Please don't get knocked up before then, Please please please..  :)~


Lisa said...

How guys are going to have an amazing trip!! Oh and you know how not to get pg right?! heehee

Laura said...

How exciting!!! You are going to have an AWESOME time. I have been on a cruise and it was one of my fav vacations...they treat you like royalty! :) Also, I love that you said craptastic! LOL NO getting knocked up! haha :)

Jenni said...

Thanks Girls, I seriously can not wait!!

Lisa,, I think I do.. :0)~

Jamie said...

How AWESOME for you two! You are going to have a fantastic time!!

PeasOut said...

What is your itinerary? I am so jealous! I want to go on another cruise so bad!!

Arizona Mamma said...

Fun! I have never been on a cruise. Would love that.

Jenni said...

Mya, We are going to Half Moon Cay, Nassau bahamas and Turks&Caicos So excited!!!

Stephanie said...

How fun! Which cruise line are going with?

Jenni said...

Stephani, I just realized you posted this..
We are going with Carnival Cruises :0)