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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Follow up to T's Specialist Dr. Appt

On Monday, T had an appt with the Dermatologist (he's considered a specialist because he works with these types of cases) for his hemangioma that I spoke about here.
It was pretty simple and easy. We were in and out within 30 min thank goodness!!
The Dermo basically told me that Yes, its raised, Yes its not supposed to be growing, Yes its supposed to be doing the opposite in which it "should" be going down and back under the skin.. Its not.
So he offered to start a treatment that he would put most infants on, that have them on there faces etc.The thing about this medicine though is, that for one.. its constant Dr's visits I would have to go back at 2 weeks, then every month there after for a YEAR coupled with ah hemm $40 ea visit Your probably like what a horrible mother, but before you start nay saying.
My main concern with bringing T to this specialist was to make sure that this birthmark was and will not intrude on his muscle growth or impair him in any way. It is not! So their is no need for me to have to put T through a bout of meds for an entire year with oh I'm sorry did I mention that the meds are not 100% guaranteed to get rid of his hemangioma! That would be the other reason why I do not want to try that route.
My route is to watch it over the next year, make sure that it is no longer growing (puffing) and starts to grow under the skin  and hope that progress will be made, this could take up until he is 9 yrs old roughly, in which they used to say by 2 years old it should have dissipated.. Well T's is doing a reverse of what its "supposed" to do. Ha, nothing new with this kid.
So that is the prognosis. T's hemangioma stays, its referred to as his birthmark, its on his shoulder and really can't be seen. I am not worried about it, Daddi T is not worried about it and well T, he has no idea what all the fuss is about! We will re -evaluate the situation in a year and go from there.

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