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Monday, September 27, 2010

Back to this.. 101 n 1001

These first 3 goals go hand in hand because, we are officially going to Colorado for Christmas. I'm pretty excited about it. We are going to see T's Godfather and hopefully his God Mom. (they both live in Co). This will be T's first time in the SNOW!!  Can you see my shiny white smile appearing.. I'm so giddy about all these first's for T.

48. Celebrate Christmas in a different state

69. Take Tristan to CO to see his Godfather
67. Take Tristan to see Snow
26. Go and get facials once every month for 6 months (5/6) did this on 09/21/10 Love these. my face feels amazing after.

10. Take Tristan for a walk once a week for 3 months (3/ 12)
I have been going for walks/runs with T, when I can't make it to the gym. Its beginning to be a LITTLE cooler at night outside, so we head off and go for a walk.

8. Make Meal Plans for 5 Months (2/5)
I have been doing this for the last month, Haven't really posted about it, because even though I was making meal plans, they were the same dishes just varied.. but this week I changed it up ALOT. I'm excited.

25. Cook a meal from scratch twice a month for 6 months and blog about it (7/12)
I have made and will be making some awesome recipes, thanks to
I have found some healthy, easy meals to make and surprisingly T eats it, and I no longer have to make separate things in fear of him not liking what we have,  =)
I'm going to make a separate page for these recipes I find.

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