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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

2 Year Stats for T

So I totally forgot to post this, On Monday T had his 2 year well check..
Weight:  30lbs   75% percentile
Hieght: 36"        96% percentile
Head Cir:  19 1/2"  55% percentile
The Dr. said he looks amazing!!  His ears look great, except she thinks his tubes are out and just chilling in his ears. So I have to get him into the specialist to get them out.. she could of taken them but I would rather his EAR doc do  that.. He hasn't been sick in almost a year.  He recieved one shot which was his Hep A.. He did great, he was pissed but forgot about it quickly when given a lolli pop.
So I don't know if I ever said anything about T's hemigioma? 
This is what it looks like, but this is just a pic off the internet..

 They typically show up on the face and they are more prone to girls, but boys can get them as well. Basically a hemangioma is a build up of excess blood vessels on the skin. 
Well T has one,
its on his shoulder and its been there since about 6 months old. It kinda looks like an arrow and somewhat of a heart.  Just recently though we noticed it started to become raised and bulged..its gray/blue underneath and from what I had read and what I was told from other moms that have kids with the same thing, this typically means it will begin to spread out and slowly disappear. Well, this turned gray/blue underneath and it bulged up, not down and out.. SOOO I asked the Doc, "whats up with that". She looked at it and was surprised and not very happy with the way it was looking. So she referred me to a Pediatric Dermotologist at Phx Childrens.  She is worried that it could possibly start growing into his muscle, and that is NOT good. So I made an appt for Sept. to get him in. Hopefully everything is fine and we wont have to have it surgically removed. It doesn't impair him and its just a Birthmark to us. I would hate to have him have a scar and I DO NOT want him to go under the knife again if thats what they even do.. So we will find out what they say when we go in. 
All in all his appt went wonderfully, and he's growing right on track and even ahead..  =) 

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