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Monday, September 13, 2010

Decorating for Halloween

Yes I realize its September, the 13th to be exact. I know its still about 2 1/2 weeks before we even hit October, but really I'm ready to start decorating!! I love Halloween, even more so now that I have a child and hopefully next year with a 2nd one to dress up and take out.
I already started collecting for decorating my house. I have a box full of stuff up in the attic that I'm going to make my wonderful oh so willing husband get up there and get it for me.  Sorry babe. =)

Here is what I got as of yesterday that's new and I absolutely adore Love them. This is all from pier one, I will post pics of my decorations when they are up but at least you can see the cuteness in which I'm working with..
I got these. These go on the legs of your kitchen chairs. These are not the exact ones for whatever reason Pier ones website is not showing the correct ones I purchased. You get the idea! 
I purchased this Purple table runner to go across my table, I am going to put a black runner underneath so the purple runner stands out. The tea light candles are going in the middle of the runner along with a hurricane full of these.
So adorable.. See this is why I love Halloween. Even better when you have some cool decorations.

And this nifty little towel will hang on my stove top. I thought it was to cute. I love the feet.
So what do you do for Halloween, are you a crazy decorator and get all into it? Or do you Ehh.. No thanks?

I have to admit before I had T - I really could of cared less about Halloween, I mean dressing up for Halloween bashes are fun in all, but really I'm not one to dress like a slutty maid e.v.e.r.y. single year like some of these girls err women.. So I didn't and I don't,BUTTT  now that I have a son. Its brought a whole new dimension and fun- ness to Halloween.  I'm excited to decorate and get him dressed up.

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Jess said...

My kids adore Halloween, so we do a little decorating. Mostly I just buy the Halloween craft supplies at Michael's and let them make all the decor. We do more a Harvest-y decorating so I don't have to do it again in Nov.