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Thursday, September 30, 2010

*21 things you don't know about me

I'm going to copy one of my friend bloggers, I'm looking for new post ideas and saw hers, thought it was cute and welp here we go.

21 things you don't know about me.

1. I'm the baby of my family- 2 Brothers. 1 is 15 yrs older than me, 2nd is 12yrs older than me, My sister is 4 1/2 yrs older than me. Now you know why I want my kids only 3 years apart. I hate our gap!

2. As much as I have a thing about teeth, I used to be the one who never took care of them. I hated brushing, now I'm a brushing queen, Floss - not so much

3. I used to suck my thumb until I was in 5th grade  :hides in shame:

4. because of #3 I had to have a head gear and braces throughout middle school. Probably makes sence as to why I now am nuts about teeth.

5. I whiten my teeth at least once a year and keep up with it with the trays from the dentist. 

6. I have only been with my ex and my husband.

7. I tried out for the "Real World" show with a friend and we made it to the 2nd interview. (Their are 3 before being excepted and then you meet with the producers etc.)

8. My fav movie, I will literally stop and watch no matter what I'm doing is Dirty Dancing 

9. I have ZERO artsy skills, I try to scrapbook or make cute things and I get bored in the middle of it.

10. I also will break out in hives or red blotches if I'm Pissed or extemely nervous this is like a warning signal to the husband, if he sees my chest break out in blotches, he knows to back off.

11. I have been heavy my entire life.  IT SUCKS, its my life though. I deal.

12. I hate feet, even mine. YUCK.  Paint your toenails, they are not pretty  unpainted.

13. I'm a Scorpio, I truly believe in this.  I love horoscopes.  It gives me understanding as to why I don't get along with certain people, or why I have certain right off the bat connections with others.

14. I hold grudges, its hard to let go.

15. I AM one STUBBORN person. 

16. I don't share, especially my pillows- you drool sweat or even put your nasty head on my pillow I will knock you out. (Lisa has this same one, this is why we are friends) haha

17. Adult boogers bother me, kid boogers, not so much   (weird)

18. Every song I like/love has some sort of meaning or reason for it. I apply it to my everyday life. 

19. I make to do lists like they are going out of style, I have them at work, in my car, all over the house and in my bathroom!! Yes I'm obsessed.

20. I'm also an EXTREMELY organized person, my mom is/was a very unorganized person. I can not stand it. Loose papers laying around drive me crazy, stray shoes have a place, pens have a plc, baking utensils have a plc. its that bad!!

21. I am a Native to Arizona, born and raised here =) Be jealous.

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Lisa said...

WORD on the pillows!!!