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Friday, August 13, 2010

101 n 1001 Goals - 2 new ones

So ongoing with what I posted here.. I have or I should say I will be accomplishing two goals this weekend.

1st off I am tackling this one:

#87 Re- do our laundry room - epoxy floor, new shelves, paint etc.
So for whatever reason, I got a wild hair up my ass, yea that happens sometimes when things become stagnant around my house.  So I told  Daddi T- that it was time to get MY laundry room up to par.. this meaning take EVERYTHING out and RE-DO. I will take pics of the before, during and after.. I'm excited.
Basically, we are going to tile the floor with the same tile we have through out the house, since thats just easier than epoxy, then once that is dry move everything back in & re arrange some things. Daddi T already put shelves up for me a few months back, so those are done. I would like to paint the walls in there. I just really haven't thought about a color, guess I should get on that while everything is out.. Eeek.. I would like to do a cabinet in there, but I'm not sure if that will help the situation or make things harder to move around. The area itself is about 110sq ft. Its not wide but long.. So we will see.

43. Go on Date nights once a month for 6 months
This will be happening on Sat night. Not really sure where we are going but T's Grandpa has offered to watch T for us. So it will be nice to get out. I'm  hoping to go see a Movie. I will update when we go.. =)

Have a Great Weekend!! 

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