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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Weekend Recap-

This weekend was pretty fun, got alot accomplished and still trying to get more accomplished this week.

I will come back and post pics, tonight.
So we re did our laundry room, looks 10000000 times better. I'm so happy with it. Yes its just a laundry room, a box, with a washer and dryer in it. I don't spend much time in there. BUT.. it was pretty hideous!
 Facelift?  YEP.. 
We tiled, grouted, painted and now I'm on the search for this base cabinet. I was looking at Home Depot but, both the HD's by my house have none. So I'm waiting patiently. Once I get that the plan is to get a sink and since we(family) owns a granite shop I was going to have a granite top go on.  I was also thinking about doing some uppers to put above the cabinet, but I really didn't want to spend alot of money on this project. So I'm kinda playing it by ear. I painted the room a bluish color, pretty different than what I normally go for, I typically go for greens. The color I chose is called "skipper", I'm pretty sure it brightens things up in there.  I was also going to look for a few cute plaques that have to do with laundry etc. to hang in there.  If you know any cute sites, let me know. =)

Then, Daddi T's Dad came to watch T for us on Sat. night. We decided to go eat at Rock Bottom. YUM! not so great for the diet..oops =/   After dinner we went to the movies and watched Inception. Ok can I just say what an insane movie that is. If you haven't seen it, I would recommend it. Definitely  good and umm how can you not LOVE something Leonardo Dicaprio is in??? Exactly!


*I will come back and update with pics, of what progress we have made on the laundry room.

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