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Monday, August 2, 2010

Today I have vowed..

to start working more on my 101 n 1001 Days goal list.. So I have made it a goal to at least Ahemm I said at least accomplish 2 goals a week, and if I finish more than that, that puts me closer to accomplishing my goals, and see that is what  I want to be able to do.
I made this list  in part for fun, but also to really see if these were things I could actually accomplish.. Well I fell of the wagon a few times and I'm sick of it.. So here I am, I want to do this, I want to be able to say see this list, YEA I accomplished most of all of it!! Sucka!!!  =) 

Anyway - It doesnt need to be any specific goal but it must be at least 2-  TWO!!

Maybe you could all help, and tell me which ones you would like to see me accomplish?  hmmmm or don't whatever floats your boat..

BTW-  My TWO year old finally has his well check today, I'm pretty excited to see what his Stats are because we havent been to the dr in almost a year.. Yessssssssss!!  My lil T has been unsick for almost an entire year, and this I find AMAZING!!  Going from 6 months to a year he was constantly sick, ear infection after ear infection, and the list goes on..   Well I can't technically say he hasnt been to the dr because I took him at his 15 month and 18 month.. but since then, No Dr's!!  Yippie!
So I will update tonight with that good stuff..

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