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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How do you suppose I get back into blogging?

Because, honestly I'm really not sure.. I'm not sure if I have just lost interest in it or just don't allow myself time to update.. I'm really not sure. I feel like when I get home my focus needs to be on my kiddo, and then once kiddo goes down its qaulity time with the hubs, which usually is either sitting on the couch watchin hhmm  nothin and then me getting up and going to bed because to be pretty real, I'm TIRED!! 
I feel burnt out.. I would love a new blog design? but I don't want a premade one, I want a cute one like the ones I see when I go blog reading.. "I want that", kinda like what Tristan says to me!  Does anyone know where I need to start to get that done? Maybe a makeover will help inspire me to get back into it, I did want to change over to wordpress but REALLY?  ugh  I barely have to time to blog (when did everyting in my life become so time consuming WTF) let alone the countless hours it would take to switch over.  This sucks BALLS!!  Yes I said Balls, Hairy ones if it makes you happy!!
So if you or anyone you know - knows where I should go or knows a blog designer,queen of makeovers, please point them in my direction.  Thanks.
No Really I want you to do this,, =)
I do have a few updates, I can blog about. but after that- its a shot in the dark for me. Maybe I should go steal a few blog ideas from others.. 

Beee right back....................  

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