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Sunday, June 27, 2010

I still know my password..


Ok, so I have definitely been on a haitus,, Yep.. Sorry.. but school, life, a almost 2 year old happen to be kicking my Ass.. Literally!!
BUT  I am almost done!! I am at the homestretch people., shoot not for school or anything but for this god awful math class.. this is my last week.. you have no idea how accomplished I feel with out even having passed it yet.. haha.   We have 2 more tests to take and my last day is on Thursday.. This class has definitely been grueling, its been stressful.. you wanna know how stressful- it sent me to the Dr's for what i thought(felt) was a heart attack or something.. Seriously.. I thought it was just panic attacks, but I have had plenty of those and this was just not normal. I have also had heart burn.. obviously (being prego and all), but this feeling was knew, and extremely uncomfortable.. So finally I had, had enough last week and called the Dr's - she diagonsed me with indegestion.. HA!!  gave me some meds and said if it comes back, gets worse etc to come back.. Meds seem to be workin!!  Thank goodness!! 

On the homefront- things are good, T is getting HUGE, huge in understatement.. here you make that call
See I told you!  He is getting so big, so smart, sooo talking... sooo turning TWO on July 9th..
One week he says 2 or 3 word sentences to full blown 5-6 word sentences the next week. Every time he spits one out, I have to just stare at him like really??!!  Do you ever have flashbacks when you stare at your son or daughter and an image of when they were itty bitty flashes before you?    YA me to!!
I am by far the happiest person on the planet to have been blessed with my son. He definitely knows how to test my patience, but that look- ya that one in that picture, melts my heart! He knows it... GAWD  I'm screwed!!
Other than that, we have been doing some house work and trying to revamp this hole, I call my casa. We should hopefully have some front yard landscaping in another month or so..I'm not quite sure why we always choose to remodel, redo things right smack in the middle of summer!  Summer in Arizona, is like hell on earth!  REALLY!!
Anyway- we also have decided that we are going to change up T's room. Means more painting, and murals and ugh.. why do I get ideas.. Ideas kill me!!
Give ya a hint, since he's in love with trucks, motorcycles and anything that goes vroom wroom..
(I'm nuts I know)
So thats about it for me, at least until Thursday. I don't start school again until August, so that should hopefully open up some time to take care of blogging.. =)
I leave you with a few more pics..

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