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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The last year has been a little somethin like this..

Amazing what a year can do.  Definitely made a difference in me, I now have a son who is TWO and is beginning to step out into the world, so independently.. Time sure really does fly by!
Treasure Each Moment
"The finger prints on the wall
will be gone before you know it.
They appear higher & higher,
then suddenly disappear"...

July, 2009 T turns 1

13 Months Old- August 09

14 Months Old- Sept 09

15 Months Old- Oct 09
and just started walking

16 Months Old- Nov 09

17 Months Old- Dec 09

18 Months Old- Jan 10

19 Months Old-  Feb 10

20 Months Old- March 10

21 Months- April 10

22 Months- May 10

23 Months- June 10

2 Years Old- July 09, 2010


Jamie said...

WOW!!!! He went from a little boy to a little man!

PeasOut said...

OMG Jenni! He is sooo big! I can't believe it! Please tell me thats not going to happen to my Wyatt!