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Monday, May 31, 2010

**Schools In**

Ohhh Boy!!  Here we go...See I told ya I was headed back, it just umm crept on me faster than I thought.. but it is what it is and I must do it if I plan to go anywhere in life besides behind a desk.. =/  Not exactley what I was looking for when imagining careers.. So school starts bright and early tomorrow  7 am to be exact.. holy geez I must of been high to sign up for that early of a class.. Eeekk..
I'm pretty nervous, I haven't been back to school since 05  -  So wish me luck.. its one of my most dreaded classes  MATH.. oiiii...  I have to pass it this time, yes this time considering I have taken it a time or two before.. ah hemm anyway- back to wishing me luck.. K thanks!! 


Jamie said...

Wish you luck!!

Ann and Chris Armenta said...

Good luck, even though I know you will rock it! You've motivated me to get off my rear and sign up for my classes that I keep pushing off :D