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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

101 n 1001 Goals Completed- You ready for this!!!

#43 Go on a Date night/day
John and I went out on Sunday Dec 27th - John's Dad came and watched T for us so we could go see  Avatar and go eat some lunch - just the two of us!! I love when we get to do things like that.
Avatar was amazing- so good and the effects were super cool.  We also went to Sauce - which happens to be another goal.. there Salads are so yum. I have been craving them, pizza's are delish too!!

#51 Try 10 New Restuaraunts 
The weekend before John and I went to Sauce - I went there with a few of the girls. I had never been so I wasn't sure what it was all about. I have to say its So Yummy- Its kinda like a restuaraunt but its a much faster flow than that. They serve Pizza and Salads and a few other items. The Pizza is thin crust which I love, The salad are my FAV!!!  Especially the "greek" one.. So good. I definitely recommend it.  SAUCE  

#59 Pay off/down Credit Cards (3/5)
This one is HUGE for me.  I am almost debt free -  It came with a loss though, which in my mind was a gain. but however you look at it - I am almost debt FREE!!! Those words are the most awesomest to hear!!!
I have 2 more cards to pay off, one is small and the other is big. In time I will get these gone as well. With all the money I don;t have to spread out  I can send more to each card. So I'm happy with that!!
More vacations HERE WE COME!!  and they will NOT be paid for with credit cards any more!!  weeehooo.. :0)

#32 Purchase Digital Frame
 I am so excited about this- I have been wanting to get one of these for so long. I am so glad I waited. John got me one for X-mas and I love it - its so much better than the ones I had been looking at. Its pretty big. 10.5 frame, it does slideshows, plays music and you can set any slideshow to the music you want. So cool!!  I love my husband. :0)  I already uploaded a million pics to that thing. Well maybe not a million but quite a few so I have them running through. I have alot of our wedding images on there, alot of T's pics and then family pics etc. I love the fact that I can have one frame with all these pictures going through instead of having a cluttered mess of  tons of frames all over.  Works for me!!

#54 Rent one movie a Month
This one is for November because I forgot about it- Lately it takes John and I forever to watch Movies, I used to have Netflix but it was becoming  a waste of money. We would get the movies and they would sit for 2 days then a week and then 3 weeks and I was like ok I'm done with this. Now I miss having Movies. So John went and rented one like 2 weeks into November and it took us about a week to watch it.. Hahah
It was Angels and Demons with Tom Hanks. Pretty good Movie for the most part- I wish I understood more of it. I also didn't get to see the end- I had to get up to comfort T - (yay thats another story)
So anyway - one movie down.  I have another one for December but I can't write about that one yet. Since I haven't watched all of it. I fell asleep - go figure.. Funny how John used to be the one that always feel asleep now its me!!

#63 Put a $1 a day in T's Piggy Bank
Yea, so I kinda slacked on this put I picked up the slack. He now has $162 give or take some in his lil piggy. We really need to put it into his own savings acct. -The one we already have money in for him, but we typically throw our change or extra cash into this piggy bank strictly for him. So Whatever.  He's definitely got his own little nest egg goin on.. hahah

#99 Donate $25 to Arizona Humane Society
So I have been donating to the ACS for a while , but its always been $5, $10 etc. Which is great, every little helps. But Since I have been paying off CC debt I figured I could give a little more. So I gave $25 this last month and in Jan I will send in another $25.. I feel good about helping out and of course I love that I'm helping with animals in need, especially with the way the economy is. :( 

#89 Purchase 2 New/Used Books for T
For Christmas T got 2 new books, One is from the Movie, Cars-With Mater- I picked it up at Walgreens, its so cute!  I also got him another one for his stocking its a Learn your Colors book - I got that from wal- mart for $5.. So 2 more books to add to his collection. :0)  I want my Son to read and be good at reading since I sucked at reading but I do like it - as long as its what I like to read about.

WOWZA  Thats alot of stuff I needed to catch up on.

*Starting in the new year I will be starting the once a day Photo Challenge!!  I'm really excited.  I am also going to start working on the next 101 goals list that I'm sure will include a lot of baby stuff. :0) and of course contiunuing to mark off and cross out my currect goals.
Oh and the weight loss - will begin again!!  :0)  

* so that givaway I was supposed to have, The lady never contacted me back - Weird. but I did get two products - one of them was an organic Cleaner and the other was an organic soap to try on T's eczema.. The cleaner I love!!  The soap, I didn't honestly care for.  I cant think of the name anymore, but when I get home I will find out and post it for you to go see what it is.  Like I said the cleaner was really good and I like using that.

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Laura said...

You go girl!! The debt free one is HUGE, that is so awesome! I am with you on the weight loss...this IS the year. I am hoping (aka trying to convince the hubby) to have another baby and I want to be in GOOD shape before getting preggo again! Can't wait to see all the pictures...hope you make more time for blogger in 2010. ;) Have a wonderful New Year!!