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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Year Worth Reflecting Upon

Jan 2009
(Beginning of a Great Year)
Well not really, the economy sucked but we made it through

Feb 2009
(He has some Chucky Cheeks)

March 2009
(The day I married my Awesome Husband, I'm so glad T was able to be with us on this day)

April 2009

May 2009
(Learnin to eat like a big boy)

June 2009
Got my First Buzz cut - courtesy of Daddy)

July 2009
T's First B-Day

August 2009
(This is when all his chunkyness began to go away)

September 2009

October 2009
(We celebrated T's 2nd Halloween)

November 2009
(We took T to the Dunes for the First time)

December 2009
(T's 2nd Christmas and he was SPOILED)

Looking back, this year has definitley flown by - I remember looking forward to planning T's 1st B-day and when it arrived I wished it hadn't- I loved having a lil baby and everyday that goes by T becomes more and more of a lil boy.  ::sigh:::  He still is my love bug and snuggle bug and i do love the phase we are in- he's into everything and enjoys being outdoors- I love the way he lights up when he knows Daddy is home, and he chases the dogs around, climbs all over Kane and he just takes it. I love that he's more interactive with us and we are passed that baby and bottle phase, but I definitely do miss it, some days.
Here's to another year of first's for T and for us to.. I hope 2010 brings us so many more memories than 2009


1 comment:

Laura said...

Looks like a good year! I love the chubs, my kids were the same way! It's amazing how quick time flies by when you have kids...or maybe we just notice it more? Hope you have a wonderful 2010!