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Monday, November 9, 2009

#3 Lose 15lbs- 1st set of results

ummm Not so great!!!   Hmmm.. Well I'm gonna make a few excuses here just for good sakes but in all honesty I really shouldnt have any.. 
Last week and the week before T has been sick which means I can't take him to the in house daycare that the gym provides (I could however of had John watch him when he got home from work) but I didn't!!  and my other excuse.. hmm I guess I really don't have any well except for the fact that my body was so fatigued from being up with T every freakin night I just had no will power.
Well - I think we are back on track this week( T is feeling much better). So I'm headed to the gym Tues, Wens.and Thursday..  Mondays and Fridays I go to the park with T for some fun and I usually do a fast pace walk around the park once the sun goes down.
Like  i have said before - I have Terrible motivation, if I know there's nothing at the end of it for me.  (YES I know being 15-20lbs lighter should be reward enough) but I guess when you have been overweight or the weight i have been My ENTIRE life its kinda just Eh..  I'll get to it when I get to it kinda thing.. it sucks and I hate that-  but if for example I had my wedding to look forward to and a dress that I NEEDED to fit in.. I had a reward at the end of my weight loss.. Now - not so much..
I could use my cruise as a motivating factor but who knows if we are going to go??  AND because I know that - there's no need, I suppose..
Anyway -  I'm up 2  which isn't horrible, but not great. 
I need to charge the camera so I will post pics once the battery is charged.

I SUCK,,  :(   


PeasOut said...

Well, you look great! I think that everytime I see you. That you are always talking about this weight you want to lose, but I think you are absolutely beautiful!

Laura said...

You do NOT suck!! Now listen girly, that kind of attitude isn't going to help much! :) (Like I should be talking!) I know what you mean though about not having that something or reason. You'll get the motivation and do awesome! :)

Jenni said...

LOL Thanks Mya..
I feel like thats all I talk about as well.. I guess that should be a reminder to myself to DO IT instead of just talking about doing it.. LAME..
Welp. I go back to the gym tomorrow and I told the hubs to hold me liable!! :0)

Ann and Chris Armenta said...

I am right there with you! I have no motivation to lose weight at all and I SOOOO need to. But I agree with Mya- you look great! Good luck and just know you can do it!