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Thursday, November 19, 2009

*I've been Absent*

Absentmindedness.. That is..   Well. Really-  I have been busy, sick, frustrated, sick, dealing with sick, and well ABSENTMINDED.. 
So I will get back to this shortly-  I have a few things I need to post about.. I still need to get to that givaway I'm doing  supposed to do!!  . It might have to be until after T-day..
We are leaving for the dunes on Thursday Morning and I'm pretty excited, except right now I'm sick. and right now - I feel like shit and right now- my head is in the clouds, but I'm so not riding on cloud 9~  more like black clouds are filling that space.. UGH!!  I have so much to get ready for this dang trip- I love trips but seriously I'm beginning to HATE- no Despise them.  Ugh..  Oh well its worth 4 days of sand, dirt, dunes, camping and firsts for T..  PICTURES GALORE!!  you know it!! 

Anyway - just wanted to let ya'll know I'm here  - havent disappeared, just a little overwhelmed..  Until then, me and my absentmindedness need to get back to work..




Laura said...

Ugh, that sucks your sick!! I hope you feel better soon so you can come back to blog land. :)

Stephanie said...

My husband just left for the dunes last night. I bet he's doing some crazy stunts on his dirt bike right about now! :)