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Sunday, November 1, 2009

#51 Try 10 New Restuaraunts

John's b-day is on Wens.  and because he is going to SEMA in Vegas on Wens night we won't be able to celebrate his b-day - So I told him he could pick whatever he wanted for today to do - Well he got tickets to the cardinals game, but unfortunately T had other plans and decided to keep me up all night with his coughing attacks :(  and he just wasn't any better this morning after he woke up so I told John we probably shouldn't go.. I was bummed, but I didn't want to leave him in the hands of someone else knowing he would be a crab because he didn't feel good. So I told John to pick a place to go eat and we will go there for lunch.. He picked  Cheba Hut, now I was a little hestitant at first-  lets just say everything on the menu is named after different types of marijuana!  YA!! So  we went and I was actually really impressed- it reminded me of being in california, it was that kinda atmosphere to me - I guess.
Anyway - I would definitely recommend it -   John got the "Blunt"  which is a meatball sandwhich,, and I got the "White Widow" which is grilled chicken, ranch and bacon topped with provolone.. VERY GOOD- even T got a taste of what we had and I think  he would of rather of had ours instead of his which was a "sticki ickie" PB & J  except no Peanut butter - just Jelly.. hahah :0)
Great Place,, Go check it out-  

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