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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween & Pumpkins

I love today - Well I love Halloween and its even better now since I have a kiddo I get to dress up.. and and  He's WALKING well he's been walking for about 2 weeks.. I freakin love it.. He found his inner walkin skills and he is ALL over the place..  He loves it.. :0)
So we carved our pumpkins a few days ago, John's didn't turn out so good, but whatev.. and I couldn't carve T's because it turned it to mush before we could get to it.. O well ..

T is going to be Bamm bamm for Halloween here's a pic from his portrait session.. :0) 

He wouldn't wear his bamm bamm hat so I only got one pic of him and the dang bangs were bunched up.  DANG IT!!  Oh well. He's cute as ever and its even better since he is walking all over now.   We are going to the Peoria Sports Complex for there Halloween Balloon Glow. I can't wait. There having tons of kid activities. So John,My Mom and My friend Jenna are going with her kid..  Should be fun and I will post pics later.. Afterwards we are gonna hand out candy to all the kids in our niebhorhood. Besides dressing T up I think this is my fav part about Halloween, seeing all the kids dressed up in there costumes.. :0)
Welp have a great DAY!!!
oh our Pumpkins,, They're nothin great - I did a better job 2 years ago. Oh well  Here ya go..

The one on the left is Mine, Then T's and Then John's and his is actually turning into mush and caving - Thank gosh today is Halloween, because I don't think it would make it another few days.. Ha!!

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