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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A few off the list: #37, #15, #51 and #7 - Updated**

So lets start off with #15 Take One Mommy day a month:    Last week my best friend from CO came into town and I havent seen her since my Wedding in March.. This girl rocks, We have been friends since Highschool - we definitly have had our ups and downs and twists and turns but in the end we always have remained such great friends and of course I miss her like crazy know that we both have kiddo's.  So I was super excited that she was coming to town - Well my other friends b-day is 9 days before mine - so we decided to all get togther and celebrate b-days and say hello.. there was 8 of us and we went to Ah So's Sushi -  I have never been so I guess this would go under as another goal of restuaraunts being visited - It wasn't great but whatever. The sushi rolls were ginormous and they tasted yuck. So I wasn't impressed.. The tepanyaki wasn't great either, HA but the Saki  rocks my world and not the regular saki,  its Plum Saki and its chilled.. mmm hmmmm sooo good.. and Yep I got pretty buzzed  -  :0)  I will update with pics when I get home.

Starting from right to left (in pink shirt) Jenna, Tara, Kelly, ME, Tracy, Tara and Lindsey. Great girls, Great Night, Great Friends.. Mommy's night out was much needed.. ;)

~Me, Kelly, Tara and Jenna ~
#51 - Visit 10 new restuaraunts:    We went to Ah So's on 10/16/09   Not Great.. :(
#37 Organize my Ipod.-Completed 10/21/09  I kinda HAD to do this last night - since my computer took a crap a few months back we had to save everything to my external drive and erase everything on my laptop which meant my iTunes had to be reloaded- well I can't find the CD but luckily you can just go back to Apple and download it from there. Well last night was my chance to organize since my Fat Butt is going back to gym again and I needed some new music to rock out to. I just decided to organize it as well. What a pain in the butt, but now I have them in different playlists for gym, on the go, home and parties.. :0) 
#7 Drink ONE soda a day for a week: This one is in progress I started on Monday and so far so good. I'm trying to cut soda out completly - I feel like I have gained so much weight but the scale says otherwise so I guess I will go with the scale.. :0)~    Also my face seems to be paying the price of me drinking more soda than usual.. I have a zit/boil or whatever the heck it is on the side of lip that needs its on zip code and if you know me in real life. I DO NOT get zits or boils or anything crazy on my face, except blackheads, but this thing is out of control!!  Ugh...

So I have caught up on quite a few goals and it feels good..  
Happy Hump DAY!!! 


PeasOut said...

I have the soda goal on my list too, and it scares me. Good luck! :)

Patty said...

Look at you checking them off so quickly! Go Jenni!