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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

#7 Drink ONE Soda a day for a week

YES!!!!!  I completed it - but now the task at hand is trying to NOT drink anymore soda AT ALL!!   Oi... This is hard.. Once you start its so hard to stop - drinking one isn't so bad, because I savor every sip.  It just sucks because I know soda deters my weight loss. I know it - but my cravings always get the best of me.. :(
I need to get hooked on water the same way I'm hooked on Dr. Pepper..  That Dr. is my enemy Serioulsy!!  :( 
So next week I will start on my other goal of drinking NO Soda at all.. Bring on the headaches!!  I might be able to actually do it- I found a tea I really like from Trader Joes, and I have yet to make it - I just sampled it from My sister in law.  So Hopefully I can maybe get hooked on that instead.. ?? 
I have to lose some weight for our Cruise that I'm so hoping will happen-  It must happen how crappy is it that we didnt have any honeymoon and now we may not be able to have our First Anniversay/ Honeymoon trip.. Thats sucks balls in my eyes.. grrrrr... 
Anyway -thats another post - 
#7 is completed.. Woot woot..


Lisa said...

Good job! Dr. Pepper is my fav too!!

Try drinking lemonaide, or tea instead.

Stacey said...

I gave up caffeine almost 3 years ago if I can you can! Also I drink this yummy flavored water from Fry's called crystal clear it has no calories and it's carbonated so it's sort of like drinking a soda, I love it's delicious and it's not sweetened with aspiration.

Why might you not be able to go on the cruise?

Jenni said...

Thanks girls. We might not be able to because we have so many trips planned this coming year its ridiculous. We want to go to NJ for my Cousins wedding and some other things. I'm sure we will go we just have to be reallty stingy with money to make it work., Not only that we have 2 weddings when we had planned on going so thats thrown a bone into our plans and the weddings are pretty important people to us. So we will see what happens