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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

#22 & #21 Go hand in hand

So #22 is research going back to school - CHECK  ~ This was grueling but I did it - I had to figure out what programs I wanted to take and technically these two goals are going to be on going goals..
I started researching and have completed it for now.. I'm going back in Jan 2010 #21- I just have to get financial aid stuff started and luckily I have a friend who does this stuff on a daily basis so she will be helping me.

If everything goes as planned with that - I'm going to start off with online courses for right now, and I'm hoping I won't need to re take any of my General Ed's since I have been out of school for so long. That’s going to suck if I have to.. :( So be it - I guess its not bad for refreshers..
Hopefully I can get some more of all of Gen Ed's out of the way and then move onto the exhilarated program offered at 2 of the schools I have looked into and I want to attend. I have to test in though and the program would be 2 years.. I talked to my family about work etc, and they are on board if I need to leave early some days or go part time for a few months while going to school etc.. That’s exactly what I needed to hear to get my butt back in gear. I feel good about it and I'm excited to get back. I hope in 3 years or so I can be doing what I have always dreamed of and that is being a nurse. I hope to be in the Labor & Delivery ward.. Even the postpartum ward would be great- but for now the goal is just to get into school get it completed and be on my way to a better life for us and for my kids.. :0)

Wish me luck..

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