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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

#80 Keep T's Carseat Rearfacing

Completed: 10/10/09: I was very determined to keep his car seat facing backwards for as long as possible, Ya laugh it up some people especially those with out kids don’t get it- John didn’t really get it either. The safest place for T to be in side my vehicle is the middle seat and facing backwards even after he hits 32 lbs or 1 year. I don’t care who tells you its safe to turn them around at that stage- blah blah, they are nuts!! When T turned One John was all about turning his chair around. To me that is to young to have him facing forward and its kind of funny to me because I'm an aunt to 9 other kiddos who I was around all the time and my brothers and sister had them facing forward right after they turned One. But for Me, I just couldn’t do it and your view on parenting changes once you have your own - that’s for sure!!
If you research it you will find so much info on why its best to keep your kiddo facing backwards for even longer than 15 months. I don't feel like digging it all up but if your interested research it, and watch some of the vidoes with the crash test dummies etc..  I think you will re think it as well.  :0)
So I made it a goal to keep him rear facing until 15 months in which we did. We switched it around this past weekend. He loves it of course its a new view and of course its easier for me to reach him, but I'm glad I kept him backwards and I probably should have him facing backwards still but it is what it is. I feel like he is a little more stable then when he was at 12 months old.

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