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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

15 months old*Updated with Pics

Wow, looking back 15 months ago its hard to believe that T was once so tiny and so fragile or at least I felt like he was. Now he is a rambunctious  little boy - who happens to be ALL BOY- no doubting this one bit- He loves being outdoors whether it is with me or John he could sit out there all day if allowed. He loves the dirt and rocks, He loves anything trucks and that goes.. He also has a new fondness for our Rhino, Which I thought for sure he would be scared shitless of because of how load it is. .Heck no he is all about it.. He gets in and heads right for the backseat sits down and if he was able to talk I'm sure he would be telling John lets go Dad!! We are going to be taking him to the dunes for the first time for Thanksgiving I'm actually really excited and I'm sure if he knew he would be too!!
Pictures of that for sure to come. :0)

As far as Stats on him.. I had to take him into the Dr's AGAIN!! This poor kid is always sick or at least I feel like he is always sick. What can I do ya know.. if I could stay home with home all day I would, I just don’t have that leisure. :( - Anyway - He weighs 26lbs..and is 33in tall.  He hasn’t really gained or lost anything but I'm sure this is because of how mobile he is. He is on the go all the time except when sleeping. He eats great!  Loves everything and anything I put in front of him!! Well except Milk.. and I messed up and gave him straight juice a few months back and now its been a challenge to get him to drink just water. So I have to dilute down the juice - Ridiculous!! Even those Splashers that have water already in it I have to dilute down. I don’t need him drinking all that juice and filling up on that.. At first he protested but he's been doing better. We will see..

Walking.. Nope he actually cruises around as long as there’s something there to hold on to. but straight walking by himself is a negative he will do it here and there but never for too long. He makes me laugh as much as he is a BOY he is a scaredy cat.. hahah
It will come to him.. He definitely has been testing himself so that’s been good.

Temper Tantrums,, Oh Man!! How do you deal with Temper tantrums on a kid who is only 15 months? I feel like he is too young for timeouts and even spankings.. I mean I slap his hand if he is in something he shouldn’t be, but he is killin me with his temper tantrums half the time I just let him be and let him2 work it out himself but then that turns in to a meltdown and then of course it gets the best of me and I turn into mush. :(
So this should be a interesting next few months going into his 2 year old stage.. I'm looking forward to it!!;0)

How do you deal? What did you do? Or what would you do? Any advice would be great.

Other than that – that’s all that’s been going on in his world. He is a very mellow kid and John and I always get compliments on how well mannered he is while out at restaurants etc. we did have a period of where we didn’t even want to take him, but for the most part he has grown out of that stage? Or do they ever grow out of those stages? Ha who knows! He is an awesome kiddo, he loves to snuggle and give kisses, and I love to get them. He is a momma's boy for sure. But when he gets hurt he turns to daddy which is weird, but rock on.. :0)

I think I'm going to skip his 16 and 17 month and just do it for his 18 month-..

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Stacey said...

Colin will be 12 months Friday, and he does the temper tantrum thing when he's told no and gets a little hand slap. If he throws the tantrum he does get a small smack on the bum, nothing serious just something that takes him out of the moment of screaming and he stops. If he keeps crying I take him over to the wall and tell him crying doesn't change the rules when he's ready to behave he is welcome to join us. He usually calms himself down in about 30 seconds because he's lonely and no one is playing with him. And it's over. Personally I have been big on discipline since he was born. He's always been told no if he was doing something unacceptable. He's removed from situations if his behavior is bad and I tell him what the problem is. I am sure he has had lots of times where he had no idea what I was doing, but it made good habits for all of us. And so far he's very receptive there have been times where he is going to do something he knows he's know supposed to do he looks at me, I say that he's not aloud to do it and he crawls or cruises away. Of course this is all what works for us, it depends on you and your parenting style and of course T. Hope it helps a little though.