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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

*Reason's Why I LOVE Fall*

*Candy Corn,  Oh YUM!!!!
*It's Mid 80's and feels like heaven
*I don't sweat my ass off trying to get T in his carseat in the MORNING
*mmmm Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins from Starbucks- great for you diet  ;)
* Actually being able to drink my Hot White Chocolate Mocha and not break out in a sweat, since ya know its 100+ degrees 7 months out of the year.
*Going to the Dunes
*Bustin out the hoodies and cute boots
*Goin for Walks with T either in his wagon or the stroller
*Did I mention not sweating my Ass off?
*Keeping the windows and doors open
*Turning my A/C off  - Yea for catching up on our outragoeus aps bill!!  Woot woot
*Going Pumpkin Picking
*Carving Pumpkins
*Seems people are nicer when it cools off? NO?  Maybe thats just me  haha
*Halloween Costumes
*All the outdoor festivities that go on

Sheesh  I could go on forever-  I just love fall.. Its such a great season and since we live in Arizona we only get two season.  Feckin HOT and  Somewhat cooled off..  Which I happen to have a love hate relationship with. 
whats your favorite things about fall??


Stephanie said...

Reasons I love fall:
* sweaters
* boots
* hoodies
* caramel apple cider
* crock pot meals
* the crispness in the air
* spending long days outdoors


Amber and Brian said...

all of the above!