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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

#92 & #93 - Re do the walls in living room, Frame Collage

I will be doing those two goals- this weekend. I'm pretty excited!! (ahem kinda)
The hubs will be out of town and I will have the house to myself. My Mom and My Sister are taking T for the weekend so I can complete these projects and I'm hoping "praying" I can get them done before John returns on Sunday.
See.. the reason I must complete before John returns is because if I don't then it will never get done. And for some off reason I had a an Epiphany about a week ago - We sold our pool table in what was considered our game room. HA. Yea that poor thing never saw a good time in its life. So we sold it!! Can you believe how much room those suckers take up!! Well alot - I have an entire room back.. hmmm What to do with it? That's when the epiphany came! Aha!! I will paint and make it our dining room slash playroom for T!! Perfecto!! Well maybe not a total play room for T John would die if one of T's toys went flying and our 150 gallon saltwater fishy tank went all over. Momma would not be a happy a camper either.. So nix the playroom..
So in this room - I would like to get a dining room and have it set by the window. It more than likely be black, my eye is attracted to modern, contemporary - black things and well, Ya it will be black.. :0) I'm not sure if I want Round or Square?? There's a few tables I saw at Ikea (Oi my love to hate store) - I also was told to go on craigslist to find some pretty sweet deals. So I may mosey my way on to that site. I also want to find maybe 2 or 3 bar stools to go under the over hang we have.
The big fish tank will stay and that is also black.. See black is the COLOR!!
You can also see on the back wall I have two paint samples, The hubs knows I have something up my sleeves but he has NO idea the God father is being removed (insert evil laugh) He just has no idea!! None I love it!! He might be mad when he gets home but OH well.. whats done is done right??!!! heehee..

This weekend I am also taking on our family room. Which needs some major help. John and I butt heads on decorating. Why? I don't know.. but we do. He still likes to live in the macho I'm a bachelor - god father days... So as it stands The Godfather is on our wall. Its our cool back drop!! Along with - I'm not gonna lie a very cool present given to John by his bf- Its a Perfect Poise Framed mirrored piecey thing.. He loves it.. but I will be moving this sucker into the other room above the fish tank?? Yea? See I can compromise.. :0)~
Please indulge me in how dumb our wall looks - Really I won't get mad,, Its pretty embarrassing.
and on the other wall is what I tried to make of shelves and pretty pics and frames kinda like what you see in a pottery barn magazine.. HA, yep not so much. I told the hubs how I wanted everything even left a picture and left for the day. Well I came back to this..
Not what I wanted, but I kept my mouth shut in happiness that it was actually up on the walls and not cluttering the floors.. OI!!! So my tasks in this room are to take down all pictures, shelves etc, patch holes, sand and repaint with touch up.. Once dried my wonderful awesome BIL is coming over to help me hang my frame collage, but I'm not sure where I want to put it- over the Couch or above the T.V.? I also would like my shelves hung up again, but see I have three - the hubs decided it would look good to only hang two and as you can see they look retarded!! .. I'm taking the ampersand down and I may use it in the other room. I have another wall that would be considered a hall way wall, that I forgot to get pic of. That also has a framing collage of some sort on it I want to take that down and do something else there. I will post tonight when I get home.

So as you can see I have a pretty daunting task this weekend. I must get them accomplished.. Oh Yes.. god father will be coming off the wall and will never be put up again- at least not in my sight!!
**Oh please excuse my disgusting messy ass house, See I just stopped giving a crap after this past weekend since I will be dirty-ing it up this weekend.. :0)
So any suggestions on above mentioned?? Let me know your thoughts.. Ya know I love them..

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PeasOut said...

Sounds good lady! I would probably go with a square/rectangular dining room table if you lean more towards contemporary...