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Monday, September 21, 2009


Now that's a "subject"! A subject that I was never really into nor really ever exposed to when growing up. See my Dad is Jewish and my Mom was Catholic, Nice Combo, Right??
Anyhow - our family never practiced, never stepped foot into church and well never really knew anything about religion other than what we taught ourselves either from other people, books, movies etc.
So with that being said, this past year I have had the slight urge (calling) to go to church. Which church? I had no clue but it was very prominent that my mind was telling me I really should go to church or start seeking a church.. Its really weird and so hard to explain. I fought off the urge because John is not a church goer, and nobody I really know is either. So I held back. About 2 weeks ago my sister posted on her FB that she attended church for the first time and I just laughed, I would of never thought MY sister would step foot into a church, but she did and I almost feel like she got the same urge(calling) as I did. So right then I informed her that I wanted to go and check it out with her. The way my BIL and Sister explained the church setting was pretty much what I was looking for.
So I went for the first time on Sat. I took Tristan as well. I asked John to go but he does not want to go. He has his own issues with church and I hope one day he will open up his mind a little and go with me. From the moment I stepped onto CCV's campus it was clear that I was really going to like it. The people, Were NORMAL!! The kids were NORMAL and everything about the church was so informal I LOVED IT!!
I don't even know where to begin. So I will just spit the website at you so you can see for you self.
I dropped T off at the daycare they have - which is awesome. The kids setting is by far the coolest thing they have going. Its all separated. T was in the room for Waddler's (his own age group) and they have there own building. Its all computerized and before you can even drop him of you have to register, then they input you into the computer and once inputted the volunteer gives you a bar code and the 2nd bar code goes on Tristan - when your ready to pick up Tristan a volunteer has to match you with your son or daughter before you can step foot in. Very cool!!
I left T and he was off playing with toys and mingling..
I met my BIL and my Mom in the front - My sister wasn't able to make this one. As soon as I walked into the front foyer area there were greeters and I could already hear a LOUD band playing, it was rocking in the auditorium, seriously it felt like I was at a concert. We found our seats and the music was awesome. They were singing gospel but the music was so modern day, like stuff you would hear on the radio..
After about 3 or 4 songs we took our seats and a speaker came out told us about a story that was pretty relatable and then another song was sung. After that the Pastor came out and gave his sermon. MAN, was I impressed!! For someone that does not understand the bible or much about religions this pastor put so much into perceptive for me. He doesn't just preach from the Bible word for word, he reads versus from the bible and then explains it, and makes it relatable, He interacts with the crowd and that I liked!! I felt so comfortable going - I was really impressed with every aspect of this church and I will be returning. I may even get more involved as time goes on.
*So I'm sure there's questions on why John wont go and if he cares if I go or if he cares that I take Tristan.
1. John chooses not to go to church -He was raised catholic and went to catholic church and school. John has had his ups and downs in life and because of those he feels church is not for him. I would rather not get into his ups and downs. So I will leave it at that.
2. John does not care if I take Tristan, I think well no, We both know that going to church will be benificial in part for him and us.
3. Does he care if I go? He hasn't had a problem and says he doesn't have a problem with me going.

So on the note of bringing Tristan, I feel that Tristan will benefit from church. I know I have only started just going, but even with my first visit I feel comfortable being there - like I said I hope John will open up and choose to go with me and we can go as a family. For now it will be Tristan and I and I'm fine with this.
I feel like Church will give Tristan a foundation - a place to learn about God, a place to learn values and morals, that I may not be able to teach him -
Now for the Blessing, Christening, baptism stuff. I really don't know yet. Especially with last Sat being my first time, all of this is a little overwhelming..
To put it into perspective, After the tragic accident of losing Jakob - read here. I have been feeling like maybe Tristan should be blessed or baptised. I'm really not sure where all these feelings are coming from but its the same feelings that I got when I first started thinking I should start going to church. We already have God parents for T but it was never written in stone it was basically just told. I think after I get more comfortable with this church and feel more at home. I may start looking into it more and I'm hoping by then John will have started going with us on a regular basis.
So we will see and play this one by ear.
I know I was all over on this post. It was alot to take in and well alot to put out. Sorry if I confused. I'm pretty sure I will have lots to talk about when it comes to this stuff.


PeasOut said...

I love that church! We had Debis memorial service there, and it was just incredible!

Jenni said...

Oh wow Mya.. Thats cool! Its a beautiful church.. I'm so amazed by all the programs they have to offer. :0) I saw your other comment on your blog and for sure we should meet up.. We go on Sat. nights.. :0)

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