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Monday, September 28, 2009

2 Goals Completed #92 & #93 - What a Weekend..

Whew... What a weekend I had.. It started at 6 pm Friday night after my Mom left with T and John left early Friday morning. As soon as my Mom grabbed T I headed to Home Depot, grabbed all my supplies, grabbed some food and headed home, for an all nighter. It was just that but, I'm pretty proud of what I had accomplished and things were looking good and of course time was on my side.. Pshh not for long.. Sat morning I woke up and finished up the dining room area, doing touch ups where needed and thought mmm I will just bring that color into the kitchen so as luck would have it, my time was starting to run out. So I hurried through and then started patching and painting the 2 walls in our family room which were in need of some major touch ups and major lovin.. I started painting the walls with what I thought was the right color.. UH, That was a big fat negative.. The color I had used in the office was Manhattan Mist from Behr.. and it was NOT what I used in the family room. It was more of a bluish color and way lighter than what I needed.. but I could a swore we used the same color.. Oh well.. I figured I would just go BACK to HD after our Church service on Sat.. but I ran into another problem, My BIL and Sister were supposed to keep T for me over night Sat. So I could finish. My sister unfortunately became sick and my BIL was exhausted from doing an Ironman that morning - so I had to take T.. I was unable to get to HD sat night. After he went to bed.. I cleaned up my disaster of a house and went through all of my things that needed to be placed on the walls in the right areas. This way when my BIL came on Sunday it would be quick and easy considering John would be returning Sunday. I made it an early night and crashed out about midnight. Sunday morning arrived - I ran to HD with T and started looking at the paint samples thinking if I saw the name it would ring a bell.. HA Totally wrong. I thought Purpoise was the right color - so I got a gallon and headed home. As soon as I got home it was time for T's nap (thank god) So as soon as he went down I painted away. I wanted to bring the color into our entry way so as the one wall was was drying I started on the entry way.. I looked over and was in shock that the color was OH SOOOOO wrong!! FUCK FUCK FUCK (excuse my speech).. So I gave up.. not only were me and paint not getting along I got a phone call from John telling me they were on there way home (WHAT???) I figured he would be home at like 5ish.. Yea.. It was 11 am and Parker,Az is only about 2 hours away.. My BIL wasn't even here yet.. So I started freaking. My hope for this weekend was to have everything painted, hung up, put away and cleaned by the time he got home!! I was about 3/4 on.. My BIL came over at about 1130 and began hanging and placing everything for me. He left at about 1:30 and not even 20 minutes later John rolled up.. Whew, just in the nick of time.

Anyway- enough of dragging on with my saga... Here's some new pics..

Before and After....

Before and After...

Just a close up of the shelves - This is not set in stone yet. I'm playing with the frames and seeing what I like and where to place things etc.. Any suggestions??

This is the picture of our "hallway" I forgot to take the before picture of what was on here before but I like this MUCH better. As you can see this is the wall I fucked up, as well as the entry way into the house.

This is the other wall that is same color as above, Except I painted it the Manhattan Mist not realizing it wasn't the right color until it dried.. Grrrrrr.. I am not done with this wall, I have 4 glass cylinders that I'm going to Rehang but I have to find decorative hardware - since I broke two of the decorative nails that were for them.. :(

Before and After....

Before With "Scarface" which I referred to as Godfather in previous post. and AFTER..

Changes No?? I'm excited to finish it up. Get the paint on the two walls that I messed up. I would like to get some nice art pieces for the above wall. The T.V. wall we would like to get a entertainment center that they have at Ikea but we would like a flat screen T.V. before we go and purchase that.. so wait is what we do.. Once we get the Entertainment system we wont need anything above the T.V. YEA.. :0)

For the dining room. I'm still banking on the Ikea table that I love.. The hubs isn't 100% sold yet, but I can work my Magic!! heehee.. :0)

John was actually surprised when he came in, He said he loved everything. Except for that one wall where I said I still had the 4 glass cylinders to hang so I i told him to be patient.. He did ask where Scarface went and I said Bye- Bye.. :( No for reals tho,, I just stuck it in his office..

So that was my project this past weekend.. I'm tired, exhausted, my back hurts and my hands are blistered but it was definitely worth it, I completely surprised myself by Really accomplishing all those tasks in one weekend by myself, No help, nada, nothin excpet of course Grams taken T for me.

I feel like our house has been revamped.. so whatcha think?


Lisa said...

I love it...great color!!

PeasOut said...

Great job!

Amber and Brian said...

Looks great! I love the color! The only suggestion I have would be to center the wall scones with the frames from the picture wall.