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Monday, September 21, 2009

#71 - Take Tristan to 10 different parks

HA - I almost forgot about this one. This past Sat the 19th - My friend and I went to Saguaro Ranch park. She had called me the week before and asked if I had wanted to go - I said for sure. Now that T is more mobile he would have a blast, and that he did. Unfortunately I forgot my camera!! Stupid right!!
Anyway - he had so much fun, although it was hotter than a mofo, ugh.. but he had so much fun going down the slides and pushing his quad around. HA, yea its a ride on quad but he would rather push it!!
Saguaro Ranch park is pretty nice actually - it has the wood chips instead of sand.. Ugh I hate sand, Both the playgrounds are covered so that helped with the heat and the equipment wasn't hot to touch. So thats one park off my list. 9 more to go!! Next time I need to remember my dang camera. Those are moments I love to take pictures of..

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