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Monday, October 5, 2009

Lots and *Lots

To blog about...

Lets see.. I finally decided on T's Halloween outfit and sadly it was none of the ones I had in the Poll.. We have decided if I can find it - Bamm Bamm or Frankenstein.. So Yesterday when I went to go get it - I had no luck but I only went to one place. Today I will attempt a few more and see what I can come up with.. They do have Frankenstein but I really would like T to be walking by the time he has to wear it and I'm not sure that will be the case.. :(
No rushing him, I have to keep reminding myself he will walk when he is good and ready to.. He's 15 months and from what I have read its totally fine.. If he passes 18 months with no walking then we will start to get worried until then- No pushing.. :0) and the thing is - is he knows how and CAN do it he just doesn't want to..

What else.. October is here!! I love October- Well I love the next three months. The holidays are coming up and it starts with Halloween.. The Weather has been AwESomE!! I can;t even explain to you how ridiculously awesome it has been. This would be the reason why I love Arizona. Yes the summers suck and its like the longest summer EVER!! But so worth the rest of the year.. :0)
My Birthday is coming up and I'm super excited.. John is going to buy me my tattoo session. FINALLY!! I cant wait- It's going to be a pretty big piece. I am doing my upper back and it will come up over my shoulder and down my arm alittle.. There will be a few meanings to it- starting with my Dad, second- John and I , no not his name, maybe the date of our wedding or somethin I haven't decided, and then of course my Lovey, Mr. T I'm going to put his name in there and leave space for #2.. :0) I'm pretty excited.. did I say that already? haha

I am taking T to go get his Halloween Pics this weekend, I Can;t wait to see them, I'm going to start decorating alittle around the house as well. We have a B-que on Sat. and then Sunday we might be heading up to Shnepff Farms- I'm pretty excited about this. T will get to go Pumpkin Picking. I wanted to do this last year but Yea eh, T was only 3 months old and what fun would that have been? None!!

Then My Bf is coming to Town I havent seen her since my wedding and I'm super excited to hang out with her. We are going out for Sushi and possibly Midnight bingo (make fun of the bingo) but seriously bingo is sooo fun.. LOL..

What else - hmmmm. John and I finished up the house and the stuff I wasn't able to finish before he got home last weekend. We still need to hang the new blinds in the kitchen, Good lord what a biatch that is!! Ugh.. Other than that - We still have to decide on a Dining table and then I need to update my picture frames and the picture collage in the family room. but I can do that during the week when T is sleeping..

OH!! I still need to do before /after pics of my Fatty self. for this contest I'm doing as well as my 101 n 1001 goals , So I will try to do that tonight.
I need to get my butt in gear!! Starting with No soda.. I'm dieing. but I have to do it. I know this is causing problems, I've quit before I can do it again!! Water Water Water Water!!!

So that's my update.. I will update again with Pics of my fatty self :0)
and then On Sat night or Sunday of T's new Halloween Pics. As well as what we decided for him to be.
Busy Busy Busy.... Happy Fall!!!

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PeasOut said...

Fall is my FAV too! I keep meaning to post about it, but I haven't gotten around to it.