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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

~Sick~ Sick~ and more Sick

UGH!! Being Sick sucks -
It started with my Brother in law - then went to Tristan and now has been passed on to me..
I hate taking medicine, but I broke down last night and took sudafed - I just couldn't take it anymore. My throat hurts, my chest is on fire from congestion (it feels like a just got done hiking or something), I'm hot , then cold and then hot and sweaty and then cold.. This is a viscous cycle!! I'm OVER IT!!
I took T to the Dr's last week to get a check up because he has been acting off and was grabbing at his ears (yes again) UGH.. So I took him in and she said I don't see anything, He looks really healthy, his ears are clear and tubes are still in there and then it dawned on me that my BIL went in and they tested him for strep and it came back positive so I told her and she did a culture on T and it came back positive!! Wonderful.. So He's been on meds to clear that up and luckily we caught it early - but he continues to grab at his ears, and rub them with annoyance. So I don't know whats going on there..
I hope we start making a come back soon. Like today would be great.. Being sick just puts me in a Shit mood, I have no energy, I'm tired and really don't want to be bothered. John really isn't the most sympathetic person when I'm sick so he irritates me.

On another note - I have to go get a Colonoscopy - WHY??
Oh well, because it stems back from highschool basically - I really have never had normal bowel movements and usually can only go every 3-4 days- I thought this was normal until I realized that it is NOT - and when I do go its hard to go and I really never feel relieved.
Well lets bring us up to now and the same problem just worse. About 3 weeks ago I was going and it really hurt, it felt like I had ripped and then the bleeding began.. I was like holy cow.. So me being me and so NOT wanting to go to the doctor about it I went to my trusted friend "Dr. google" and found that it could be fissures, or a hemorrhoid.. Okay well now I have answers - so I chalked it up to that.. Started eating more fiber rich foods and drinking more liquids. Should work?? Not so fast...
Well than 2 weeks ago I went to the bathroom and afterwards my bum just felt weird and itchy.. (hahah sorry TMI) so I sat back down to wipe and felt a bulge - My face probably turned 10 shades of white (if that's possible) and I got really scared.
I went on to my trusty Dr. google and looked it up and I had a Hemorrhoid!! WONDERFUL!!
I'm 26 years old and I'm rockin a hemorrhiod Not even cool..and I know they say after you have a baby you typically get them, Yes true but I didn't have a normal vaginal delivery I had a C-section and did no pushing or straining - So WTF.. why me?? So at this point I'm so sick of my body especially my bottom half.. So I sucked up my pride and made an appt with the "butt Doctor" as I call them. My Appt was yesterday - and she has scheduled me for a colonoscopy after my butt was violated ;( and yet it will be violated again on the 23rd..
I was really shocked that she wanted a colonoscopy. I figured she would give me some medicine etc.. to help.. When she said colonscopy I was like Waaaahat.. . she explained that she would like to find out not only why I'm getting a hemorrhoid (obviously from straining because I don't go regularly) but she is concerned that I might have blockage, polyps or internal hemorrhoids!! Well isn't that dandy.. So she said we will clean you out and get you regular - I was like cool - your gonna clean me out during the procedure, (high hopes there) and she brought them down with "Nope, I'm going to give you a solution you need to drink the day before and the day of your procedure and you will flush your self out".. WONDERFUL!! Makes me want to jump right in to this procedure.. :(
Oh well - I guess I'm better safe than sorry - or so I'm told!

Great Week eh??

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