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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

11 Months Old

Holy Shnikes!! Its funny because as I write those words - "Eleven Months old".. I stop and think about what I was doing last year leading up to Tristan's Birth..

I remember it being so hot these last two months and at one point our A/C went out on us, I was freaking out because it was so hot and the fact that this was happening 4 weeks before T was supposed to be born was ridiculous. Luckily we got it fixed and it wasn't anything major.

I remember that night John and I decided to go to dinner and go see a movie, Ya that movie was my last movie I saw until after the baby was born.. :( I also remember - going and doing my maternity pictures and how god awful hot it was- and now this year its like 90 degrees outside and beautiful!!

It's just so crazy to think about all these things. Like last weekend would of been my baby shower and I loved every single minute of it - I loved sifting through the aftermath of clothes, baby gear, getting T's nursery together.. and that was the other thing I procrastinated big time on, finishing the nursery - since we did a theme of jungle/ safari murals on the wall. I took forever picking paint etc.. The room was done exactly 1 week prior to Tristan being due. I remember how ready I was to have Tristan here. After enduring 8 months and being the size of a whale, not being able to see my feet except for in the mirror to only gaze at the mere fact that I would never have normal ankles ever again after this pregnancy, I wish I would of taken pictures but maybe that's a good thing I didn't - Some things you just don't need to remember.. 35 weeks prego..
So Anyway - Tristan is 11 months old and I'm in aww of this little BOY - not baby so much anymore. He is ALL over the place - into EVERYTHING and anything he can get his little pudgy fingers into. He pulls him self up on almost everything he can get leverage on. He has taken quite a few falls, with some scrapes and bruises to show for it, but he's a tough little man and sails right on past the point of crying. (maybe a few tears here and there)
Here's a few stats:
*Not sure of Height -
* 8 teeth
*pulls self up- takes a few steps

We put a swing up outside for him since he loves being outdoors, absolutely LOVES that swing. He is so content and happy once we put him in there. Which is great because it gives me a chance to Barbecue, time for John and I to talk and carry on a conversation with out being screamed at.. Tristan has one more month of being on the bottle and is drinking from a sippy cup with no problems, I also have been introducing him to Horizon Vitamin D whole milk so he gets used to it when formula is stopped. I mix it with his formula - the first week and this next I will do 2 ounces with his 4 ounces of formula and then after 2 weeks move to 4 ounces of whole milk to his 2 ounces of formula and so on..

He is doing wonderfully with eating the food we eat. He LOVES strawberries, He knows what they are and when he sees them in the grocery store he goes nuts!! He likes bananas, kiwi, nectarines, peaches, plums, raspberries, grapes, blackberries, apples - basically every fruit except watermelon, that he spits out. He likes green beans, only the fresh ones; peas, carrots, potatoes, squash, pinto beans, black beans, doesn't care for corn. He likes chicken, spaghetti, ravioli's, turkey, ham, cheese, eggs, salami, mac & cheese, strawberry or grape jam sand which as I call them since he can't have peanut butter yet, loves waffles, toast, pancakes. - He still eats some jar food, but for the most part he's eating regular food. I love the fact that he will eat anything, he loves trying what John and I have on our plates and its funny because he definitely likes to be treated as a big boy who can do it by himself - if you try to help him he pushes your hand out of the way and screams.. (what a stinker right?)
He has 8 teeth - 4 on top and 4 on the bottom - My concern though is that he still has some weird markings on them and I'm not really sure what the pediatric dentist is going to recommend. I plan on taking him in when he is year. Since all 4 teeth I'm hoping will be completely out. I'm hoping this is something that can be fixed because even though they are only his first set and will fall out, he will have them until he's at least 7 maybe even older and I don't want him to have to go to preschool or kindergarten with messed up teeth.. Not even cool!! His Molars are coming in on the bottom - his gums are pretty swollen- poor baby.
He's talking and babbling alot, Says Momma - dadda, dogga = dog, ishy=fishy, and a few various other words but I'm not really sure how to type those out..

All in all for an eleven month old who fell behind at 7-9 months because of his ear infections etc he sure has showed us how much he can catch up and go beyond our expectations.
(That was a pretty long post) Yikes.. As you can see - As Tristan grows and becomes more mobile - its is very hard for me to get him to sit and smile and take a quick pic.. This took me about 10 minutes along with 25+ pictures me of course just snapping pics as I saw fit and went through and grabbed the best ones..

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