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Friday, October 24, 2008

Today is my Birthday!!

Holy cow I'm 26 years old today.. Just blows my mind how fast time goes by.. I totally remember being like 10 and saying to my Mom I can't wait until I'm 18 cause then I can do whatever I want, and then I was 18!! WHOA and then I was 21 and was out partying, drinking, having the time of my life. Now I'm 26 - getting married in March and we were alittle ahead of the game and I have a baby boy that I couldn't see my life with out!! Before I know it Tristan will be 1 and I will sit there and wonder where the time went.. Sad really.. It's sad because people including myself just dont take time for themsleves, to really soak it up and live in the moment instead its a GO GO GO world.. I really need to learn to STOP and just live it up for just a second even a minute, It won't kill me to do so.. and yet I tell myself this pretty much all the time even before I had Tristan and look he's already 3 1/2 months old and for the life of me I wish I would of soaked up his littleness a little longer.. on the other hand I love that he is growing and making me and John grow as well. I think we learn from him, funny how a 3 1/2 month old can teach you things without even knowing it.. It may not be obvious but one thing is for sure, Tristan has began to teach me to slow down, take him in, take John in, take my life in, take family and friends in and really be HAPPY!!
So Happy Birthday to me!! I will soak this day up and take some pics so I can have some memories that I dont have of all the other b-days that just passed me by as if they were just another day!! :0)

**So My B-day plans: Tonight John is taking me out to Dinner not sure where yet.
Then tomorrow: We are going out to dinner with my family and then after my sister is going to take the baby and John and I are going to go out with friends and celebrate my b-day with some drinking and some fun!! I'm pretty excited.. haha I havent been out in awhile.. :0)
and Sunday - I plan on just relaxing maybe go to the park with Tristan and just chill.