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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Wedding stuff....

So I have knocked out a few more things on my ever growing wedding to do list!! People it's hard having a little one and then try planning a Wedding.. ICK!! dont recommend it.. mmm kay..
Anyway - I went to Ikea last week with John - I took my handy dandy list of everything I needed for my centerpieces, Why I chose to do my centerpieces myself , is beyond me? but whatever so I head in and we go look around see what neat things they have.. nothing of interest to me so on to the important things. I find all the things I will need and pile them in the cart and off we go.. BUT of course we found more things for our house which was nice.. We finally got our mirror for the master bathroom that was remodeled oh about a year ago.. haha Okay getting sidetracked here.. So we check out.. Total bill $215 bucks (STINGS On MY ASS) just for centerpieces!!! UGH!! So now I have to put everything together,, YAY for me..
The girls are to have already gone and put there measurements in and paid for there dresses or at least I hope so.. One of my friends is being a "super" flake so I'm starting to get a little worried, but I dont want to turn into bridezilla and nag her so.. we will see what she does..
I got my Candy bags for the candy buffet.. Super cute.. They are black bags with Silver writing..
Oh and I added one more flower girl.. Follow me here.. Its my brother n' laws brother's daughter, Madison.. so she will be the little flower girl along with my God daughter Melayna.. Need to still order there dresses.. (eeeep) Oh and We FINALIZED the caterer - HA Finally right.. So glad thats done.. YA!!
So mmm what else.. I'm still on my diet .. Trying to shed all this weight before I even dare step foot into my beautiful dress. Hopefully this will be soon. I'm down about 10lbs give or take some.. I've been training with my bro so he's building muscle - anyhooters so thats the dish on wedding stuff..
I have my freind working on the invites.. Cant wait to see how those are going to come out.. I'm sure very pretty as she always does an awesome job of designing.. :0) So basically, I'm down to all the DETAILS of this shin dig and hopefully it will all start falling into place... I hope my wedding night turns out the way I invision it.. We shall See.. :)


Mrs. G said...

It will be beautiful Jenni! Congrats on the weight loss! woot woot

Jenni said...

Thank you patty!! Thats All I can hope for.. :0)